Cocktails for New Years Eve and the Morning After…

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Two years ago on New Years Eve my husband and I had only been dating for a few months.  We went out to a local bar with his brother to celebrate, but it was a bit bitter sweet.  I would be leaving in a few days to move to Austin, TX for my music therapy internship. As midnight hit this song came on… Go ahead and listen.  It will get you in the New Years Eve mood! Cheesy, I know.  And we both just looked at each other, started laughing, and joined in with the crowd in the singing and …


Old Fashioned Waffles with Maple Butterscotch Syrup

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Well, it’s that time of year again.  The time when we reflect on the past year and our accomplishments… or lack there of.  It’s also the time of year when we get to start with a clean slate.  Break out those resolutions and give it a better shot this year. I am no different than most.  My resolutions include the standard: eat better, exercise more, try to be a nicer person… But I have a few that relate to this blog specifically that I want to share because I feel if I talk about them I am more likely to …


Dark Chocolate and Peppermint Whoopie Pies

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French Macarons… They are a baking hurdle that I have not yet accomplished. I have tried them 3 times, and failed miserably each time. I will master them someday, but until then I will stick to Whoopie Pies. I think of whoopie pies as the poor man’s french macaron. They taste nothing alike, but they have a similar look. The french macaron is sophisticated and classy, while the whoopie pie is sloppy and fun. Both delicious, both adorable. Whoopie!   Dark Chocolate and Peppermint Whoopie Pies adapted from Joy of Baking Dark Chocolate Whoopie Pies   Save Print Ingredients 1 …


No Bake Mini Cherry Cheesecakes

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Easy no bake mini cheesecakes are adorable, two bite party desserts! These are easy to make ahead and freeze without the topping. Just pull out and top the day of! Today I made a super easy and super adorable party dessert.  I made a double batch of these mini no bake cheesecakes over my lunch hour today.  Half of them went to a party at work and the other half is being frozen for the party this weekend. Look at how cute they are!  And delicious I might add.  People always go crazy over anything that is a mini size …


Sparkling Wassail

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Family holiday traditions.  They come in many different forms.  And there is something fascinating to me about hearing what traditions are important to other people.  But I didn’t always care about that.  I think when we are young it is hard to appreciate these traditions the way you do when you grow up.  I guess our perspective is skewed when we are young.  Our life just is, and it isn’t until we are older that we reflect on those meaningful things. With my recent marriage, these things have been in my thoughts a lot lately.  There is something beautiful, but …


Pepper Nuts/ Pfeffernüsse

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I am co-hosting a holiday party next weekend.  Well really, it is a birthday party for my best friend who is coming home to Kansas from Rhode Island.  But it’s the holiday season so it seems fitting to make it holiday themed. I LOVE to entertain.  And I am always trying to find ways to make entertaining stress free.  My solution: come up with a menu of simple appetizers where most components can easily be made before the day of the party.  That way you can focus on hosting, having a good time, and leave the stress behind. I decided …