What does it mean to “Cut in fat”

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The instruction to “cut in fat” is a common instruction in baking recipes. The process of cutting in fat is very simple and a necessary skill for beautiful flaky and tender baked goods such as biscuits, scones, pie and pastry crusts.  In the Ask BB Series, I answer reader questions regarding baking science, techniques, and troubleshooting. If you have a question you would like addressed in depth in the series, email the question to bakerbettie@gmail.com with the subject of “Ask BB.”  “What does it mean when a recipe says to ‘cut in the fat’ and what is the purpose of …


Baking with Yeast 101

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Learn the basics of how to bake with yeast in my baking science series! In baking with yeast 101 you will learn the basics of what makes yeast grow, what puts it to sleep, and how to avoid killing your yeast!  When I first started baking I would not even consider making a recipe that called for yeast. For some reason, baking with yeast seemed like an overly complicated task that only the most skilled of bakers could do properly. And while the statement that baking with yeast can be very complicated and intricate is true, in many situations this …


How to Render Lard

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  Over the past few years I have fallen more and more in love with cooking and baking with lard. It makes beautiful pastries and I love the flavor of roasting veg and other savory foods in this beautiful silky white fat. However, growing up I remember adults referencing lard almost as if it was a bad word. I would hear things like,”my grandmother used to make the best biscuits, but they were filled with lard!!” And then everyone would gasp as if this was a terribly awful thing. As I have become more educated in the culinary world, I have …


How to Keep Your Pie Crust From Shrinking

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I am starting a new series today, the Ask BB Series. I’m sure you have noticed that I haven’t exactly been posting as frequently around here. That is mostly because I haven’t exactly had as much free time. This series will allow me to keep giving you baking tips and tricks to fill in the gaps in between when I actually have to develop a new recipe. I frequently get questions in the comments here and on my social media sites regarding baking science and/or technique. While I do my best to answer each question, some of them I get …


How to Use Brown Butter in Baking

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Learn all about how to make brown butter and how to use brown butter in baking. Brown butter is one of the easiest ways to make any baked good taste gourmet. Even the simplest of recipes can be quickly elevated with the addition of brown butter.  When I very first started getting into baking in 2010, cookies were my obsession. I was totally focused on creating the most perfect chocolate chip cookie and did endless research on various ways to amp up the flavor and texture of what I dreamed my perfect cookie would be. I can’t even remember where I first …


Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Learn how to make perfectly soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies. This post reviews the science of making a soft and chewy cookie and a recipe for cookies that stay perfectly soft and gooey even after cooled! And so we’ve come full circle in this chocolate chip cookie game. The week started with me torturing tutoring you with math. But I promised you the math would lead us to lots of cookies. And didn’t I deliver? We’ve reviewed cookies of the thin and crispy variety, and cookies that are cakey and thick. So here we are today with these beautiful ladies. …


Thick and Cakey Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Learn how to make perfectly thick and cakey chocolate chip cookies. The science of the chocolate chip cookie is explored to create your perfect cookie!  I’m back today for Chocolate Chip Cookie week with the polar opposite of yesterday’s cookie. Yesterday we explored the paper thin and ultra crispy chocolate chip cookie. But today we are going thick and cakey and airy! So just take everything you learned yesterday and reverse it, right? Well, kind of. With our thin and crispy cookie we talked about a high ratio of sugar and fat. Well in this instance, yes, we are going in reverse. …


Thin and Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Learn how to make perfectly thin and crispy chocolate chip cookies. The science of the chocolate chip cookie is explored to create your perfect cookie!  All chocolate chip cookies are not created equal. And everyone’s preference for the perfect chocolate chip cookies are definitely not the same. I posted what I call The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies a while back. In my mind nothing could top them. Crispy on the outside, thick and chewy on the inside. Loaded with dark chocolate and toasted pecans and a decent amount of salt. I am salivating just typing these words. But everyone has …