Blueberry Lemon Sour Cream Bread

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Blueberry Lemon Sour Cream Bread is a quick bread that can be in the oven in just about 10 minutes! It comes out incredibly moist and tender and is drizzled with a tart lemon glaze! A great way to get some more blueberries in before summer ends!  I originally published this recipe in July 2013 as a guest post on the blog, The Cooking Actress.  A while back I started a series on my blog called Back to Bake-sics. In each post I brake down the science of various different baked goods to create very simple and adaptable recipes. One of …


Chocolate Chip Scones

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These chocolate chip scones are fluffy, flaky and tender! The scones are slightly sweet, filled with mini chocolate chips, and topped with crunchy coarse sugar!  I had my first day off in over a month over the weekend. It was glorious! On Saturday attempted to sleep in but was awake at 5:30am because I’m a crazy person! But then I went to brunch with friends, drank mimosas, had a ridiculously long nap, then went to dinner and a show with Mr.BB! We saw Matilda the musical. It was adorable! On Sunday I was bound and determined to bake something. I …


How to Make Homemade Bagels

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Learn the step-by-step process of how to make homemade bagels! This article walks you through every step of the way and explains the science behind yeast bread and how to make bagels!   This article was originally written for the April 2014 Edition of VRAI Magazine.    Yeast dough was always something I was intimidated by when I first started baking. I would avoid it at all cost. I’m not sure why. I think it’s because you always hear people talk about how difficult yeast is to work with. And yes, there are a lot of things about bread making …

Overnight Cinnamon Rolls

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Prep these cinnamon rolls the night before and bake in the morning. These overnight cinnamon rolls bake up super fluffy and gooey are are slathered with cream cheese frosting while still warm!  When I first decided I was going to do a series on baking with yeast I asked people to post on facebook what questions they had about baking with yeast. One of my friends asked, “I make cinnamon rolls at night. What do I need to do to be able to bake them in the morning and still have them be as fluffy as if I baked them …


Cheddar Apple Scones with Fresh Rosemary

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Can we all just step away from the pumpkin spice for a moment? Just for a moment. I promise you can get right back at your latte soon. But just consider that as delicious as pumpkin spice is, there are other fall flavor combinations that are equally as exciting. Maybe even more so! I created this fall recipe for VRAI Magazine to try and take a little break from the norm. Do something a little different. Apples, cinnamon, sharp cheddar, and fresh rosemary come together in this amazingly warm and cozy flavor profile. And I put that into scones! What …

How to Make Classic Zucchini Bread/Muffins (video tutorial)

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I’ve got to admit I am ready for fall. I hesitate to say that because moving into fall means we are just that much closer to winter, which I loath. But the crisp air of fall is so welcome after the sweltering heat of summer. And of course, the fall flavors that we all love are on their way. They are already popping up everywhere. I have held off getting my first pumpkin spice anything of the season yet. There will be enough of that come October. But zucchini bread is the perfect transition summer to fall baked good. Zucchinis are …


Chocolate Almond Cinnamon Rolls with Pearl Sugar and a Waffle Pantry Giveaway

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Hello friends! Today I’m sharing an awesome recipe with you for cinnamon rolls that are stuffed with chocolate and studded with pearl sugar. What is pearl sugar you might be asking? Pearl sugar or nib sugar, are large crystals of sugar. Belgian pearl sugar is most commonly used in making Belgian liege waffles. The large crystals of sugar don’t dissolve into the dough. Instead they create pockets of caramelized crispy bits of sugar in the waffle. You might remember that I made some liege waffles a few months ago. I didn’t have Belgian pearl sugar at the time so I shared …

glazed yeast donuts-square

Glazed Yeast Donuts

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Donut shop style classic glazed yeast donut recipe. Use the basic sweet yeast dough master recipe so that you can have hot fresh donuts right at home!  Do you call them donuts or doughnuts? I go back and forth on this. I can’t ever decide. I feel like doughnuts sounds more old fashioned (which is an obvious pull for me) but donuts sounds more causal and I think fits the feel of these babies more. Thoughts? Discuss… I have been making my sweet yeast dough master recipe a lot lately and playing around with various recipes that can be a result …