Oven Roasted Tomato Sauce

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This oven roasted tomato sauce recipe is my all time favorite tomato sauce. Oven roasted veggies and tomatoes make this sauce super thick with an incredible depth of flavor. This may sound a little over dramatic but this sauce changed my life. It has ruined all other tomato sauces I will ever eat for the rest of eternity. It isn’t something particularly out of the ordinary or over the top. It is just a seriously good and well balanced sauce. I have to credit most of this recipe to the one and only Thomas Keller. So I guess it shouldn’t …


Homemade Pan Pizza with Perfectly Crispy Crust

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Homemade pan pizza with a perfectly crispy crust can be achieved at home! This recipe and these tips will show you exactly how you can do it and I dare say it is better than take-out!  I haven’t met too many pieces of pizza I didn’t like. Even crappy pizza is good pizza in my book. Especially at 2 am… Now that football season is in full swing and Mr. BB’s Sundays are devoted to obsessing over his fantasy team, he has been asking for game day food. This week his request was for “pan pizza like the kind they make at Domino’s …


Parisienne Herb Gnocchi with Bacon and Brussels Sprouts

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 Learn how to make parisienne gnocchi with pate a choux, which is so much easier and quicker than potato gnocchi. Sauteed here with bacon and brussels sprouts! The culinary world is filled with countless chef’s, personalities, and experts. I look up to a lot of them. And the ones I look up to the most all have something in common. They are good teachers. Not necessarily in the sense that they teach classes or at a school, but they have the innate urge to teach their craft. I refer to Alton Brown a lot because he is the one who …


Breakfast Pasta: Brussels Sprouts, Bacon, and Fried Egg Pasta

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This breakfast pasta is incredibly hearty with bacon, brussels sprouts, and a fried egg of course. Use fresh pasta if you can, but dried will also work well! Hello friends! It seems like it has been ages since I have shared with you! I’m so sorry. I hope you will forgive me. I totally took advantage of the holiday laziness. And I say sorry, but I’m really not sorry. It has been pretty glorious. This Christmas Mr. Baker Bettie and I were on our own. We missed our families terribly but we took advantage of spending a whole day together …


Spicy Sausage Pasta Marinara with Perfect Garlic Bread

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Spicy Sausage Pasta Marinara is the perfect quick weeknight meal when you want something hearty and comforting with out all the fuss. Broil some french bread with butter and garlic to serve on the side and you will never make garlic bread any other way again!  Quick meals that are easy to reheat are so necessary for me and my husband right now. I am almost through week 1 of culinary school and with work and studying I am literally never home. I made a big batch of my husbands favorite pasta a few days ago because it is so …


Bacon and Egg Pizza

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Writing has never been my forte. Math, science, things with very clear cut rules and answers, have always felt much more comfortable to me. I always struggled with writing papers in school and was never interested in writing in my spare time until recently. You can’t very well have a blog and hate writing. So I’ve been working on it. It still isn’t easy, but it has become much more enjoyable. One thing that has greatly improved my writing ability has been me making a conscious effort to be more aware and observant of the world around me. A writing …


Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

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You can now make Chicago deep dish pizza at home! Find out all the details  about how to make this windy city classic! Today I am really excited because I have a guest post from my most favoritest person in the whole world: my husband, aka Mr. Baker Bettie. I have hinted around for ages at him doing a guest post. He always says he can’t cook, but that is a lie. He doesn’t cook often, but everything he has cooked for me has been delicious. He decided last weekend that we needed to make a deep dish pizza and …


Creamy Cauliflower and Basil “Alfredo” Rigatoni (dairy free)

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This creamy cauliflower alfredo sauce recipe is incredibly simple to make and so luscious you would never know it was healthy or dairy free! Fresh basil brings a new level of flavor and makes this dish taste like real Italian food without any butter or cream! It’s almost to good to be true!  Throwing big handfuls of salty smoked almonds in a container of chocolate soy ice cream and eating it right out of the tub. Embarrassing or brilliant? I’m going to go ahead and pat myself on the back and call that one brilliant, because it is insanely good. But I’ll …