Homemade Chicken and Flat Dumplings

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This chicken and flat dumplings recipe is true to southern fashion. None of those blobs of dumplings, just flat almost noodle like dumplings in a thick and creamy broth with shredded chicken. Veggies are not traditional in a chicken and dumpling dish, however they can be added if desired. Chicken and flat dumplings is the best “stick to your ribs” meal for the fall and winter! Growing up in Kansas, chicken and noodles was our Midwest equivalent to the South’s chicken and dumplings. A chicken and noodle dinner did not refer to a thin soup with carrots and celery mixed in. …


Chicken Noodle Soup-Pho Fusion

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 This is a chicken noodle soup pho fusion dish, similar to pho ga, but with egg noodles and a mash up of flavors of American chicken noodle soup and Vietnamese pho!  I moved away from Kansas for the first time in my life to Austin, TX in 2010. I went to work at the state hospital there as a music therapy intern. It was exciting and terrifying. I was in a new city, with a new job, around new people. I was very lucky in that I had family there and was able to stay with my aunt since I …


Creamy Tomato and Herb Soup

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Creamy tomato and herb soup served in homemade bread bowls is the perfect fall/winter comfort food! Thyme, tarragon, and garlic create an incredibly flavorful soup!   It’s cuddle weather! It’s live in my husband’s sweats weather. It’s the holidays are coming weather! And most importantly, it’s soup weather! Soup is so underrated. If you’re worried about being judged for eating an entire baguette just eat it with some soup. Everyone will understand. You needed something to dip. You can even eat your soup IN a half loaf of bread that is disguised as an edible bowl. We made good use …

Vegan Cheddar Ale Soup Recipe

Cheddar Ale Soup (vegan)

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Conversation with my husband last night…  Me: I’m making cheddar ale soup for dinner tonight. Chris: Yum! … Wait, is it going to be vegan? Me: No. Chris: Tell me the truth. Are you making it vegan? Me: No. Chris: I don’t believe you. Me: Just trust me. Chris: You are just saying it isn’t going to be vegan because you know I will like it if you don’t tell me. Me: Then why does it matter? Chris: It IS going to be vegan! I’m getting Taco Bell… Me: Will you just try it? I promise it will be delicious. …

Chili and Cinnamon Rolls and Vegan MoFo!

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  And so begins VeganMoFo (Vegan Month of Food)! I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this event. If you are not familiar with “the mofo” as I refer to it, it is a month long event where tons of bloggers post about all things vegan. I have heard about it for a few years now and this is my first year participating as one of the bloggers! I hope that my non-vegan followers stay aboard as I bring Fall Comfort Foods, all. month. long. Today I bring you what I consider to be the dish that …


Turkey and Noodles w/Garlic & Herb Mashed Potatoes

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Turkey and noodles over mashed potatoes is the perfect day after Thanksgiving meal. Save the turkey bones and boil it to make the hearty thick soup. Serve over leftover mashed potatoes and you have a “stick to your ribs” meal. Happy day after Thanksgiving! Notice I didn’t say “Happy Black Friday?” That’s because I refuse to participate in Black Friday.  BUT today is the perfect day to do a cupboard clean-out recipe.  We have tons of leftover mashed potatoes, unused herbs, etc.. A tradition my family had when I was younger on the day after Thanksgiving was to have Turkey …

Giving Back Part 1: Pumpkin and Cinnamon Chili

Pumpkin and Cinnamon Chili

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Pumpkin is a creamy and hearty addition to this classic fall dish! Pumpkin chili with cinnamon is always a crowd pleaser! It’s time for our client Fall picnic at work and the staff was asked to pitch in and help in various ways.  And of course my way preferred way of giving is through sharing good food.  I thought chili would be the perfect Fall addition. A few years ago my sister turned me on to a pumpkin chili recipe.  I thought it sounded great and I loved it after I tried it.   Ever since, I have never made …


Spicy Roasted Carrot Soup

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A warming roasted vegetable and carrot soup perfect for cleaning out the veggies from your fridge. The veggies get slightly caramelized when roasted and the carrots add a nice sweetness to this warming soup. I hate throwing food away.  I see the harsh reality of hunger everyday at my job and I don’t want to take for granted how lucky I am that I have never truly experienced hunger.  But it seems no matter how hard I try, something goes bad in my fridge each month resulting in wasted food.  My solution: 1 meal a week based completely on items that need …