The Crispiest Oven Baked French Fries

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This recipe and technique makes insanely crispy oven baked fries that you would never know weren’t deep fried. These are absolutely the crispiest oven fries I have ever found!  I have been on a mission for a long time. A mission to make baked french fries that come out just as crispy as ones that are deep fried. Sometimes I get kind of close but last week I found the holy grail of oven baked fries! I made them for Mr. BB last Sunday for his game day food request. That happens all fall and winter during football season. Every Sunday …


Caprese Chopped Salad with Charred Peaches

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Finishing my bachelor’s degree was probably the most difficult thing I have worked for in my life. I worked long hours, often more than one job, while always taking more than a full course load. I can’t say that college was a happy time. There were certain aspects that were happy. I met some of the most amazing people and had some of the most amazing professors that I learned more than I could have ever imagined from. But overall, I was not a happy person. I don’t even think I fully understood that I wasn’t happy at the time. …


Roasted Veggie Breakfast Skillet for One

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This roasted veggie breakfast skillet for one is the perfect amount when making a hearty solo breakfast or can be shared if desired! The eggs come out perfectly over easy or you can cook them longer if you prefer less runny eggs!  Morning is the best time of the day. It is the time when anything is possible. The day hasn’t had a chance to be filled with stress, or perceived failures, or awkward interactions, or procrastination (unless you are one of those that sleeps until noon). It is a built in restart button. Everyday starts with the possibility for …


Creamy Cauliflower and Basil “Alfredo” Rigatoni (dairy free)

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This creamy cauliflower alfredo sauce recipe is incredibly simple to make and so luscious you would never know it was healthy or dairy free! Fresh basil brings a new level of flavor and makes this dish taste like real Italian food without any butter or cream! It’s almost to good to be true!  Throwing big handfuls of salty smoked almonds in a container of chocolate soy ice cream and eating it right out of the tub. Embarrassing or brilliant? I’m going to go ahead and pat myself on the back and call that one brilliant, because it is insanely good. But I’ll …


Pan Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Smoked Almonds and Dates

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Here we go 2013. It is time. Time to start a new year. Time to reflect on the last one. Time to face what’s ahead. And for most, it is the time to set resolutions. But this year I have decided not to do that. Every year I say some resolutions during the first week of January and then for the most part I start to forget what they even were. It is amazing how much everything changes in a year. What I wanted at the beginning of 2012 wasn’t even that important to me in December. And it really …

Vegan Cheddar Ale Soup Recipe

Cheddar Ale Soup (vegan)

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Conversation with my husband last night…  Me: I’m making cheddar ale soup for dinner tonight. Chris: Yum! … Wait, is it going to be vegan? Me: No. Chris: Tell me the truth. Are you making it vegan? Me: No. Chris: I don’t believe you. Me: Just trust me. Chris: You are just saying it isn’t going to be vegan because you know I will like it if you don’t tell me. Me: Then why does it matter? Chris: It IS going to be vegan! I’m getting Taco Bell… Me: Will you just try it? I promise it will be delicious. …

Chili and Cinnamon Rolls and Vegan MoFo!

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  And so begins VeganMoFo (Vegan Month of Food)! I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this event. If you are not familiar with “the mofo” as I refer to it, it is a month long event where tons of bloggers post about all things vegan. I have heard about it for a few years now and this is my first year participating as one of the bloggers! I hope that my non-vegan followers stay aboard as I bring Fall Comfort Foods, all. month. long. Today I bring you what I consider to be the dish that …