Oreo Chocolate Mousse Tartlets

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Sometimes I sit down to write a post and get complete writers block. That sometimes is now. I pretty much just want to say: “Oreo cookie crust + chocolate mousse filling + cookies and cream topping = total yum. Enough said.” I mean really. Is there much more to say? Do I need to convince you that this will be …

Baker BettieOreo Chocolate Mousse Tartlets

How to Make Chocolate Mousse

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I am here today to torture you with chocolate and give you another amazing base recipe to keep in your arsenal! I hope the more of these you have the more comfortable you feel in the kitchen making amazing pastries and baked goods! That whole idea of baking being intimidating really starts to go away when you realize that it …

Baker BettieHow to Make Chocolate Mousse

Devil’s Food Cake with Ganache

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I recently learned to word: tchotchke. I was talking to my mother-in-law and she said, “I hear you like tchotchkes!” I immediately assumed it must be some kind of dessert. Then she told me what they were and I guess I do, in a way, like tchotchkes, but only ones with meaning or purpose so I’m not sure you can really …

Baker BettieDevil’s Food Cake with Ganache

Basic Chocolate Truffle Recipe

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Remember that Ganache 101 post from the other day where I taught you all about this super easy and incredibly versatile concoction that you MUST have in your baking arsenal?! Well, today I am sharing how to use that mixture to make a basic chocolate truffle recipe. Chocolate truffles are incredibly rich and intensely chocolate and have a luscious silky smooth …

Baker BettieBasic Chocolate Truffle Recipe

Chocolate Ganache 101

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You see that picture up ^ there. That! That is what we like to call “food porn.” Sexy right? But that right there is also what we call the beautiful simplicity and perfection of chocolate ganache! Ganache is one of those few things in the pastry world that I love because of it’s simplicity and versatility. If you have never …

Baker BettieChocolate Ganache 101

Chocolate Almond Cinnamon Rolls with Pearl Sugar and a Waffle Pantry Giveaway

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Hello friends! Today I’m sharing an awesome recipe with you for cinnamon rolls that are stuffed with chocolate and studded with pearl sugar. What is pearl sugar you might be asking? Pearl sugar or nib sugar, are large crystals of sugar. Belgian pearl sugar is most commonly used in making Belgian liege waffles. The large crystals of sugar don’t dissolve …

Baker BettieChocolate Almond Cinnamon Rolls with Pearl Sugar and a Waffle Pantry Giveaway

Bourbon and Thyme Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

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I knew I was officially an adult the day that I choose an oatmeal raisin cookie over a chocolate chip. I know. It sounds crazy right? For most people chocolate over raisins is an easy choice. And it used to be for me too. But as I’ve gotten older, it really depends on the chocolate. Milk chocolate? Eh. I can pass …

Baker BettieBourbon and Thyme Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches