Cookie Wars FAQ’s


Please see the Official Rules Page for a comprehensive list of rules.

Q: What are the basic rules of entering Baker Bettie’s Cookie Wars 2013 Recipe Contest? 

A: You must submit your own original cookie recipe using two ingredients from the challenge ingredient list. You must also submit a picture of the final product accompanying your recipe for judging.

Q: Can I enter more than one (1) recipe? 

A: You are allowed to submit up to five (5) different recipes for this contest.

Q: What can I win? 

A: The First Place Winner will receive $75, a package of various baking materials (still to be determined) and a featured article about them and their recipe

The Second Place Winner will receive $50 a package of various baking materials (still to be determined), and a shared article with the third place winner featuring the recipes and bio on

The Third Place Winner will receive $25, a package of various baking materials (still to be determined), and a shared article with the second place winner featuring the recipes and bio on

Q: How do I submit my recipe? 

A: All recipes must be submitted online using the Official Online Entry Form. You will be required to provide your name, valid email address, a title for your recipe, a description of your recipe, the challenge ingredients used, a complete ingredient list in U.S. Standard measurements, detailed instructions for preparation, an image of the final product, and an acceptance of the official rules.

Q: How do I know my recipe was submitted? 

A: After completing the form and pressing the “send” button, a message in a green box will be at the bottom of the form that says “Your message was sent successfully. Thanks.”  You will also receive a confirmation email following your submission. If you are unsure if a recipe was received, please inquire at

Q: What if I make a mistake when I submit my recipe? 

A: Amendments to a submission will not accepted. If a mistake is made, you may submit the recipe again as a separate entry. The two entries will be treated as two separate entries and a second submission of the same recipe will count toward your limit of five (5) entries. You are strongly encouraged to closely proof read your entry before submitting.

Q: How does judging work? 

A: Recipes will be judged in two rounds. In the first round of judging, recipes will be judged purely on how the recipe reads/sounds, creativity in using the challenge ingredients, as well as the appearance. This is why the description section of the submission form and the image are very important. Describe what makes your recipe interesting and delicious and try to showcase this in the picture. The top ten (10) recipes from the first round of judging will then move to round two where they will be baked and judged on taste. See the official rules section for a more detailed description of the judging criteria.

Q: Will using more than 2 Challenge Ingredients help my chances of winning? 

A: Not necessarily. You are only required to use two of the ingredients from the Challenge Ingredient list, but you are welcome to use more. Judges will evaluate each entry based on overall creativity, uniqueness of flavor combination, appearance, ease of preparation, and taste. Using more challenge ingredients could potentially up scores in creativity or uniqueness of flavor combination, but on the other hand it could hurt scores in ease of preparation and taste. Focus on creating a unique and creative recipe that both looks and tastes amazing. Trying to impress the judges with using 5 Challenge Ingredients is not necessarily the best way to approach the contest.

Q: Can I save my partial entry and finish submitting it later. 

A: No. There is no save option on the online entry form. It is strongly encouraged to write your recipe in a word processing document and submit it on the entry form when you are completely ready.

Q: When is the deadline to enter? 

A: Entries will be taken from 12:00:01 AM Pacific time on March 1, 2013 and ends 11:59:59 PM Pacific time on May 1, 2013.

Q: When will the winners be announced? 

A: An official announcement of the winners will be posted on on or about June 17, 2013.

Q: Can I submit a recipe I have used for other contests or previously posted on my blog? 

A: No. All recipes be your own and original and should never have been published before, nor won any other prize nor been submitted or entered in any other contest.

Q: What are this years Challenge Ingredients? 


Blackberry Jam
Black Beans
Cocoa Nibs
Coconut Cream
Dried Mango
Fresh Ginger
Graham Crackers (any flavor)
Liquid Smoke
Marshmallow Cream
Potato Chips
Sharp Cheddar Cheese
Sour Patch Kids
Smoked Paprika
Stout Beer

Q: Can I post my recipe on my blog? 

A: By submitting your recipe you are agreeing that you will not post the recipe on your personal blog until the official announcement of the winners is posted, on or about June 17, 2013.

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