Homemade Bagels, Whipped Goat Cheese, Strawberry Basil Relish

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In my first few years of baking exploration I had a habit of avoiding yeast doughs completely. For some reason yeast just seemed like this really intimidating thing. This mysterious ingredient that was alive and therefore seemed super complicated to work with. So those first few years were sadly yeast bread free. No sweet rolls, no fresh sandwich loaves, no foccacia, and no homemade bagels. It was a sad time, friends. I didn’t know it was sad. I didn’t know what I was missing. But looking back it seems silly that I was so intimidated.


Thankfully that only lasted for first those few years. And in recent years I have filled my baking exploration with the amazing yeast bread world. Yes, it can be a bit complicated and finicky at times. But in general there is absolutely nothing to be intimidated by! I created this bagel recipe to be super approachable in hopes that advanced and novice bakers alike will try it and love it! There are not many things more exciting in my life than pulling fresh homemade bagels out of the oven. Is that sad? I don’t think so! I say it’s exactly the opposite. A life without fresh bread is sad. So don’t make my mistake!

Head over to VRAI Magazine to check out our Issue II and my article about how I got to the place of finally feeling comfortable with yeast bread making and for details on how to make these handsome gents!

Click here for the article and recipe…

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  1. sarah auzina

    Your bagels are gorgeous! I just attempted my first batch last weekend, and though tasty, nowhere near that pretty for the end result.

    I too used to be intimidated by yeast doughs- my first foray into pretzel making had me flinging pretzel dough at the ceiling, it was far too sticky and I was impatient. Live and learn- and keep at it! :)

    I’ve signed up for the VRAI newsletter, I can’t wait to see it!

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      Baker Bettie

      You’ll have to give this recipe a try when you get a chance Sarah! It is so incredibly easy to work with. I love that it isn’t too soft or sticky. It is just perfect and easy to shape which can result in gorgeous bagels!

      Thanks always for your support! For Baker Bettie and for VRAI! Readers like you make this amazing work just all the more amazing!

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