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    Now THAT is what I call a cookie!!

    Found your blog via your guest post at Fork and Beans, and am loving it! I’m your newest follower. :D

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    Stopping by from Fork and Beans!
    I’m instantly in love with you and your recipe ;)

    I would love it if shared this on my Potluck Party!!!
    ps. we’re actually doing desserts!


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    I found your blog through Fork and Beans- and it’s so cool! I love the title. I’ve been on a similar journey from baker to eating a no sugar/no flour diet. Been thinking about starting a new blog too – because as you mentioned the people on the baking blog get confused. You’ve given me a boost in that direction- Thanks!

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      That is awesome Lea! Making the decision to start another blog was a tough one since I have built such a good reader base. But I know that it was a good decision! It is awesome to connect with new people and others who are also passionate about health!

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    Other than the coconut oil they look great. I just don’t know if I’m ready to try something with coconut oil since I don’t like coconut. I guess with all the chocolate and such it couldn’t give it a strong coconut taste. I’m very fussy, but have a major sweet tooth. Although my sweets aren’t vegan or gluten free. I love Freihoffer’s cookies –

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        Thanks. That’s good to know. Where does one find coconut oil? Is it typically in the isle with other oils or do you need to go to a health food store?

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          We have Kroger grocery stores in our town and you can find coconut oil next to the other cooking oils in that store. There are also other brands in the health food section of this store. It is fairly easy to find I think.


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