Chocolate Cream Pie

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Get this chocolate cream pie recipe and tutorial! A flaky buttery crust, a rich chocolate pudding filling, and topped with light whipped cream and mini chocolate chips. This is one of my favorite pies from my childhood. Perfect for holidays and celebrations!  The closer we get to the holidays the more and more I get nostalgic about my home. I think about how lucky I am to have grown up in Kansas and I grow homesick of the familiar feeling that state will always bring me. It is difficult for me to express to people from the East Coast who have never experienced …


Cheesecake Cookie Dough Bars

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Cheesecake cookie dough bars are exactly as wonderful as they sound. While the bars are in fact baked, the cookie dough layer stays perfectly fudgy while the cheesecake layer is velvety smooth. These little gems were a baking happy accident. I had no intentions whatsever of making what these turned out to be. In fact, I had every intention in the world of baking thick and fudgy brownies with a cheesecake layer in the middle with another layer of brownie swirl on top. I had plans. I was going to get up early on Saturday morning and have those babies …


Chocolate Almond Cinnamon Rolls with Pearl Sugar and a Waffle Pantry Giveaway

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Hello friends! Today I’m sharing an awesome recipe with you for cinnamon rolls that are stuffed with chocolate and studded with pearl sugar. What is pearl sugar you might be asking? Pearl sugar or nib sugar, are large crystals of sugar. Belgian pearl sugar is most commonly used in making Belgian liege waffles. The large crystals of sugar don’t dissolve into the dough. Instead they create pockets of caramelized crispy bits of sugar in the waffle. You might remember that I made some liege waffles a few months ago. I didn’t have Belgian pearl sugar at the time so I shared …


Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Learn how to make perfectly soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies. This post reviews the science of making a soft and chewy cookie and a recipe for cookies that stay perfectly soft and gooey even after cooled! And so we’ve come full circle in this chocolate chip cookie game. The week started with me torturing tutoring you with math. But I promised you the math would lead us to lots of cookies. And didn’t I deliver? We’ve reviewed cookies of the thin and crispy variety, and cookies that are cakey and thick. So here we are today with these beautiful ladies. …


Thick and Cakey Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Learn how to make perfectly thick and cakey chocolate chip cookies. The science of the chocolate chip cookie is explored to create your perfect cookie!  I’m back today for Chocolate Chip Cookie week with the polar opposite of yesterday’s cookie. Yesterday we explored the paper thin and ultra crispy chocolate chip cookie. But today we are going thick and cakey and airy! So just take everything you learned yesterday and reverse it, right? Well, kind of. With our thin and crispy cookie we talked about a high ratio of sugar and fat. Well in this instance, yes, we are going in reverse. …


Thin and Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Learn how to make perfectly thin and crispy chocolate chip cookies. The science of the chocolate chip cookie is explored to create your perfect cookie!  All chocolate chip cookies are not created equal. And everyone’s preference for the perfect chocolate chip cookies are definitely not the same. I posted what I call The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies a while back. In my mind nothing could top them. Crispy on the outside, thick and chewy on the inside. Loaded with dark chocolate and toasted pecans and a decent amount of salt. I am salivating just typing these words. But everyone has …


Hello! Bettie Bars with Whiskey Caramel Sauce

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Baker Bettie’s version of Hello Dolly Bars also known as Magic Bars! Dark Chocolate 7 layer bars with a whiskey caramel sauce! Hello Bettie! Have you heard of a ‘Hello! Dolly Bar?’ Or maybe you call them ‘Magic Bars’ or ‘7 Layer Bars?’ I had never heard of any of this until recently. Someone asked me if I had a good recipe for ‘Hello Dolly Bars’ and I just stared at them blankly. Then they were appalled that I didn’t know what they were talking about. them: “It’s a traditional southern dessert! You should definitely know how to make them!” …