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Tuesday 12/18

wake up and shut off phone alarm
start to get up but decide that today is not a 5am wake up day
try to go back to sleep
toss and turn and think about everything I need to do today
finally give in to the crying kitties and get up to feed them
log in to do notes for work
start a note and realize that there are apples in the fridge and I want fresh apple juice
juice said apples
realize how damn loud my juicer is and freak out because it is only 6am and my neighbors now hate me
drink apple juice and do a few notes
give in to the facebook and blog temptations to procrastinate
go back to doing a few notes
play “catch the shoestring” with my kitties
throw clothes on and decide i don’t have enough energy to do the makeup or hair thing today
drop off gifts for our adopt a family
drop off things at the dry cleaner
get coffee!
take a client to the doctor
take a client to pay bills
try to hunt down a client I need to talk to with no success
leave this client a creepy note clipped to his bushes telling him to call me
take another client to the doctor
stand in line with a client at the post office for an hour while we talk about the events of the shooting on friday, neither one of us able to hold back tears
ignore how awkward we are crying in line at the post office
realize how mundane and unimportant standing in line at the post office feels this week
tell each other how thankful we are for the things we have
squeeze in a few notes on my computer while sitting in my car between clients
help a client wrap christmas presents for her grandkids
visit a client in her home and swap juicing and blogging stories in between more serious stuff
furiously type the rest of my notes from the day
come home
kiss my husband
remember that I have homemade apple cider brewing in my crockpot
make a cocktail with said apple cider

Recipe for apple cider coming up as soon as I can find a few minutes to take some pictures of it!

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5 comments on “A Day In The Life…”

  1. MMM! Cannot wait to see the cider recipe when you get a moment to breath!

  2. HELLO crazy holiday season! Love this. Kept trying to sing it in my head to The Beatles…of course. Hopefully a bit of relaxation is in order soon 🙂

  3. I can’t wait for that apple cider recipe! And I think its cool when we get a glimpse into a blogger’s life.

  4. It seems someone else has the same hectic life as I do. Sounds like you're an angel to those clients, though:) xx.

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