Maple Cream Cheese Whipped Cream (vegan)

Maple Cream Cheese Whipped Cream (vegan)

Fall equals pie season.

Pie is not complete without whipped cream.

I really do not like whipped cream.

I love cream cheese.

whipped cream < cream cheese < Cream Cheese Whipped Cream.

Maple Cream Cheese Whipped Cream (vegan)

That is all.

P.S. That pie recipe can be found by clicking here. (ok now, that is all. )

Maple Cream Cheese Whipped Cream (vegan)

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6 comments on “Maple Cream Cheese Whipped Cream (vegan)”

  1. This is breathtakingly brilliant in its simplicity! I found myself doing the forehead slap when I saw the ingredient list -- tofutti! Of course! It's amazing how un-difficult things become when you shift perspective just a bit. Thanks for helping me with that. :-)
  2. Genius cream cheese whipped cream- so cool! I totally wish I was your neighbor, I would invite myself over for a bowl for :)
  3. i have to try this - love all things maple!
    • Trop bien cette idée de message caché et la version photo est toute aussi irr©ssiÃtible!!! Je garde cette idée bien au chaud!!! Elle me servira très bientôt...MERCI
  4. I am in love with all of your fabulous vegan comfort food recipes!!! I just started eating a dairy free diet and it definitely has not been fun so far but your recipes have inspired me! I was wondering where you found your soy creamer? I have seen lots of different soy milks, but I need to look for the creamer.
    • Hi Chelsea! Thank you! I find soy creamer in two different places in my grocery store. You can find it by the regular creamers, and in the health food section by the other non-dairy milks. The only brand I have seen is Silk and it is usually in a smaller carton (sort of how you would see heaver cream sold). Let me know if you have any other questions!
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