Baker Bettie

Private Bread Workshops


Baking bread with other people is an incredible experience. It requires collaboration, patience, cooperation, and creativity. I find it to be a powerful way to connect to others. 

I offer private bread baking workshops in Chicago as well as cooking parties for both small and large groups. These workshops are a unique way to celebrate special occasions such as a birthday, a laid back bachelorette party, a family reunion, or to simply spend some quality time together. They can also be used as a fun team building exercise.

I offer private workshops in the city of Chicago and surrounding areas. These workshops can be hosted in your residence where I come to you and bring everything needed to bake bread and make a meal together. Or we can arrange to have them in the event space that I host my public workshops in. 

What is Included in Your Private Bread Workshop?
Ingredients & Equipment
All of the ingredients and equipment needed to make bread together and a meal to accompany.
4 Hours
The private classes typically take around 4 hours but can be customized to your individual needs.
Final Meal
A delicious meal will be served to highlight the breads that were made during the workshop.
I will leave you with recipes for the breads we made during the workshop so that you can recreate them for yourself!

How Does it Work on the Day of the Event? 

If your workshop is being held in your space, I will arrive with all ingredients and equipment we need, 30 minutes before the start of your workshop. I’ll set up everything for your day of baking bread. Or you will join me at the event space in Lakeview for your event. 

We’ll make our doughs all together and let them rest. While our doughs are rising we will have time to prepare some accompaniments to go with our bread for the meal. We can do this part together if you like, or if you’d prefer to relax and watch, it can be more of a demonstration.

Then, we’ll uncover our dough to see how much they have grown! You’ll shape up all your breads together, topping and filling if we need to, and set them aside them proof up once more. While they are proving and baking I will take care of the finishing touches for your meal.

You’ll sit down and enjoy your meal served with your bread fresh from the oven, and before I leave I’ll tidy up everything. I’ll leave you with the recipes for the breads we made together so you can recreate them!