Baker Bettie

Fundamentals of Baking

About this Class

In this course you will learn all of the basic knowledge needed to truly become a confident baker. This course will teach basic baking terminology, essential equipment and uses, ingredient functions, and a variety of other basic baking topics.

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12 lessons with detailed videos
It’ll take you about 3 hours to watch the videos and read the text, but be prepared to put in lots of practice in the kitchen to hone your skills.
We’re flexible around here! Take this class at your own pace. Be sure to practice what you learn in each lesson and then come back for more!

Class Lessons

Section 1: Baking Basics
  • 1: Mise En Place- The Most Important Lesson I Learned in Culinary School
  • 2: Basic Baking Equipent & Their Proper Uses
  • 3: Basic Baking Terminology
  • 4: How to Approach & Understand a New Recipe
  • 5: How to Measure for Baking
Section 2: How Ingredients Function in Baking
  • 6: The Function of Sugar in Baking
  • 7: The Function of Flour in Baking
  • 8: All About Gluten
  • 9: All About Leavening
  • 10: The Function of Eggs in Baking
  • 11: The Function of Fat in Baking
  • 12: Ingredient Temperatures for Baking
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