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Sour Cream Sugar Cookies

Soft sour cream sugar cookies are a holiday must have with our family! These cookies hold their shape well for making cookie cutouts and remain very soft after baked. Like a Lofthouse Cookie but...

Cranberry Orange Biscotti

These cranberry orange biscotti are a holiday take on the classic Italian cookie. These biscotti are crisp and flavorful and are perfect for gifting because they keep well for an extended period of time. 

Hazelnut Linzer Cookies

These beautiful hazelnut Linzer cookies are the perfect addition to your holiday table. The cookies are crispy, lightly spiced, and filled with jam. Dust the tops with powdered sugar for a stunning finish with...

Sweet Potato Casserole Cookies

These sweet potato casserole cookies combine all the flavors of the classic Thanksgiving dish! A sweet potato cookie spiced with cinnamon and topped with toasted marshmallows and pecans. Sweet Potato Casserole Cookies Overview I...