Q: If your name is Kristin, where does the “Bettie” come from? 

A: I have always been drawn to retro styles and pinup fashion, and when I started baking, I felt a whole new confidence in myself. I would always say that I felt like a whole new person. Eventually, “Bettie” become my retro baking alter ego. Feel free to call me Kristin or Bettie! I answer to both!

Q: Where do you live? 

I am originally from Kansas and lived there until 2013. My husband and I moved to Philadelphia in 2013 and then to downtown Chicago in 2015 where we currently reside.

Q: When did you start blogging? 

I began Baker Bettie in 2011 to document the recipes I had just began developing. I worked on the website part time through the years all while working other full time jobs. In January of 2018 I quit my full time job to pursue Baker Bettie as my full time business.

Q: What are your credentials? Do you have professional training?

I started learning to bake in 2010 by teaching myself. Never being satisfied with any chocolate chip cookie recipe I tried I began researching baking science to develop my own perfect cookie. At the time I was finishing a degree in Music Therapy and baking was just a hobby.

In the few years following college I worked in mental health as a music therapist while continuing to learn more and more about baking. I started BakerBettie.com in 2011 and in 2013 took a big leap and decided to go to culinary school.

I attended JNA Institute of Culinary Arts in Philadelphia in 2013. The program was a combination of culinary and pastry training and also gave me the opportunity to work “on the line” for the very first time in the school’s restaurant.

Following culinary school, I worked in a fine dining Italian restaurant for some time before taking on a full time private chef gig. My private chef job was incredibly unique in that I was tasked with running a dedicated kitchen for someone with extreme food allergies. I like to explain the job as running a completely from-scratch full service restaurant for one person. This position allowed me to really hone my recipe development skills and to develop a lot of versatility with my cooking and baking.

And all along this journey from baking chocolate chip cookies in college to working as a private chef, I have endlessly researched baking. I crave to understand everything I can about baking techniques and baking science so I can then teach it to you!

Q: What can I substitute to make this recipe vegan, gluten-free, paleo, keto, etc…?

A: I am fascinated with the science of baking and due to my background of cooking for someone who had such extreme food allergies, I do know a great deal about possible substitutions. If you have a question about making a substitution I can likely give you suggestions! That said, baking is an exact science and making substitutions will always produce varied results.

Q: How can I contact you?

A: I love to hear from you! To contact me you can email bakerbettie {AT} gmail {DOT} com or fill out my contact form here.

Q: Do you teach classes in other cities? 

Currently I teach all of my baking classes and bread workshops in Chicago and surrounding areas. You can find all of my Chicago Baking Classes here on my class schedule. I also teach private classes in and around Chicago. 

Unfortunately, I currently do not teach anywhere other than the Chicago area. The logistics of this are a little too complicated at the moment. However, I do have some online courses that you may enjoy! 

Q: Can I get a refund for my class? 

My current policy for live classes is no refunds after purchase. However, if you have extenuating circumstances, please reach out to me at [email protected] to discuss your options. 

If you purchased your class on CourseHorse, our cancellation policy applies to your purchase. If you need help canceling or have any questions, please visit CourseHorse (link: https://coursehorse.com/contact-us).