Baker Bettie

Yeast Bread Essentials Course

Learn the baking science, techniques, and secrets to approach yeast bread with confidence! Yeast bread doesn’t have to be intimidating!

Yeast Bread Essentials
Always Open (take at your own pace)
Online Course

About this Class

Learn to approach yeast bread with confidence by learning the secrets, baking science, and techniques with the guidance of trained chef, Kristin “Baker Bettie” Hoffman. First, you will gain an understanding of yeast bread terminology and the basic process bread dough goes through to produce beautiful loaves. Learn how to knead dough properly, what fermentation is and why it is important, and what proofing means.

Next, you will learn all of the most common mixing methods along with a variety of master recipes. We will take these master recipes and transform them into endless varieties of breads utilizing different shaping techniques, fillings, and toppings.

You will walk away from this course with a new attitude that not only is bread making approachable, but it is so much fun! This course is held completely online and runs July 7th-August 25th. You will also have long term access to all course material after the session ends in case you are not able to participate in real time.

Class Lessons

Section 1: Introduction to Yeast
Section 2: Lean Breads
  • 4: Straight Dough Method, Lean Dough Master Recipe
  • 5: Shaping Sandwich Loaf, French Loaf; Standard Baking Method
  • 6: Shaping Baton, Epi Bread; Baking with Steam
  • 7: Utilizing Whole Wheat Flour, Seeded Boule
Section 3: Oil Enriched Breads
  • 8: Sponge Mixing Method, Oil Enriched Master Recipe
  • 9: How to Make Pizza & Breadsticks
  • 10: Flavoring your Dough; Focaccia & Flatbread
Section 4: Butter and Egg Enriched Dough
  • 11: Modified Mixing Method; Butter & Egg Enriched Master Recipe
  • 12: Shaping Classic Rolls, Crescent Rolls, & Braided Loaf
  • 13: Slow Proofing, Filled Loaves
  • 14: Final Project, Filled Star Loaf