2016 Holiday Culinary Gift Giving Guide

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Find unique culinary gifts in my 2016 Holiday Culinary Gift Guide! From show stoppers to culinary gadgets to must have kitchen books to unique culinary stocking stuffers! This gift guide should help you find something for anyone on your list who loves to cook or bake!  Happy Cyber Monday friends! This is my first year doing a gift giving guide for you guys and I don’t know why I haven’t done it before because I have all kinds of baking and cooking gifts that I adore and would love to pass along those ideas to you! Originally, I was going …

Butternut Squash Praline Casserole

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Butternut Squash Praline Casserole is a new take on a Thanksgiving classic! Roasted butternut squash is topped with a crunchy praline topping and toasted marshmallows! It is a new favorite in my household and will get rave reviews!  Happy Thanksgiving week everyone! I am currently in Florida for work doing the private chef thing, so Mr. BB and I actually celebrated our Thanksgiving for two last week. It definitely doesn’t feel quite the same to do it early, but I made sure to make way to much of everything so I could extend my feast with leftovers throughout the week! …


Soft Sour Cream Dinner Rolls with Cinnamon Butter

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These Soft Sour Cream Dinner Rolls are the perfect way to get that slightly tangy sourdough flavor without using a sourdough starter! They have a slight crust on the outside, and are super soft, pillowy, and chewy in the middle! Best side dish to any comforting meal!  This recipe was originally published by me in the September 2014 Issue of VRAI Magazine.  I love the transition of seasons. There is just something about the changing air, the changing smells, and the changing sights that energizes me. The changes make me feel more present in the world instead of just going about …


Tiny One Bite Chocolate Chip Cookies

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One bite chocolate chip cookies are the most perfect tiny soft chocolate chip cookie for eating by the handful or drenching in milk and eating with a spoon, kind of like homemade cookie cereal!  I have a real problem right now. I CANNOT be in Target without gravitating toward the baby section. And I CANNOT look through the baby section of Target without inevitably buying several baby items. Have you looked at baby clothes lately?! THEY ARE TOO CUTE! Before you get all freaked, I’m not pregnant! But my sister is! And I am so darn excited to meet the …


Kung Pao Chicken

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Kung Pao Chicken is a traditional sichuan dish that is very easy to make and comes together in under 30 minutes! The flavors of Kung Pao Chicken are very unique in that they call for Sichuan Peppercorns, which bring a very unusual slightly numbing sensation to the palette. But it is quite addicting!  Mrs. BB: Happy Sunday everyone! I’m starting a new series today that I’m really excited about and it involves the love of my life! You see, I have this husband, who I refer to as Mr.BB, and he came to me with an idea for this series …

Homemade Crock-Pot Apple Cider

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Did you know you could make crock-pot apple cider from scratch at home? Set in the morning or before bed and in 8-12 hours you will have a house that smells amazing and fresh apple cider! A few years ago I learned that you can take fresh apples, an orange, and some spices and make crock-pot apple cider from scratch. My mind was blown. I put everything in my crock-pot before work and when I got home, I had the most amazing apple cider waiting for me. Not to mention my house smelled insane. Holiday candles don’t hold a flame (pun …


Chili Mocha Cupcakes

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Chili mocha cupcakes start with a rich chocolate cake spiced with cayenne pepper, smoked paprika, and cinnamon! They are then topped with an espresso buttercream and a sprinkle of cayenne for a little extra spice!  I’m a pretty simple coffee drinker. I usually like a strong black cup or sometimes an americano. But every once in a while I like to indulge in a “fancy” coffee drink. My best friend once told me, “I always get a mocha on my birthday. Everyone deserves a mocha on their birthday!” She is SO right! Everyone DOES deserve a mocha on their birthday! …

Classic Butter Biscuits

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These classic butter biscuits are so tender and flaky and filled with that irresistible butter flavor! The recipe only calls for 6 simple ingredients and comes together very quickly. You can have fresh hot butter biscuits on the table in just about 20 minutes!  I LOVE biscuits. I love biscuits so much that I literally ate half of this pan slathered in butter and blackberry jam as my lunch the day I shot this recipe. I didn’t even feel guilty about it either. Because, YOLO, or something like that. These biscuits are just so dang good. How much do you …