Soft Sour Cream Dinner Rolls with Cinnamon Butter

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These Soft Sour Cream Dinner Rolls are the perfect way to get that slightly tangy sourdough flavor without using a sourdough starter! They have a slight crust on the outside, and are super soft, pillowy, and chewy in the middle! Best side dish to any comforting meal!  This recipe was originally published by me in the September 2014 Issue of VRAI Magazine.  I love the transition of seasons. There is just something about the changing air, the changing smells, and the changing sights that energizes me. The changes make me feel more present in the world instead of just going about …


Creamy Herbed Mashed Potatoes

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This is my favorite way to make mashed potatoes. Creamy herbed mashed potatoes come together so quickly and are full of flavor! For Thanksgiving or Christmas Day, make these ahead of time and reheat with a little more cream and butter! I know, I know. I’m giving you a recipe for mashed potatoes? That seems kind of silly right? Well, I get a lot of comments and emails all the time from people asking me for my favorite recipe for this or that and it is almost always requests for the basics. My favorite pie crust recipe, or my favorite …


The Crispiest Oven Baked French Fries

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This recipe and technique makes insanely crispy oven baked fries that you would never know weren’t deep fried. These are absolutely the crispiest oven fries I have ever found!  I have been on a mission for a long time. A mission to make baked french fries that come out just as crispy as ones that are deep fried. Sometimes I get kind of close but last week I found the holy grail of oven baked fries! I made them for Mr. BB last Sunday for his game day food request. That happens all fall and winter during football season. Every Sunday …