I would love to hear from you! Please send me a message saying “hello”, or asking any baking related questions you may have! I try my best to respond to all emails promptly, but if I do not respond in 72 hours, please reach out again! I promise I like you, I just get a lot of email!

You can contact me at bakerbettie (at) gmail (dot) com

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  1. jotsfromasmallapt

    Your banner…at the top of your ABOUT and CONTACT page shows a yummy “pillow” of….something looking really good to eat. Have you posted recipe?
    (Just stopped by your site. Congrats for being FP!)

    Please advise where I might find the recipe. Thank you in advance.


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      1. jotsfromasmallapt

        Morning BB….
        Thank you for the response…and so timely!! I’ve got puff pastry in my freezer and wonderful FIG jam (and strawberry, too) to put together this easy-peasy delight.

        Enjoy your entries so much.


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      Baker Bettie

      I use a canon rebel t2i and mostly use a 50mm f/1.8 lens. Finding time is the tricky part! I mostly do my baking and photographing on the weekends or in the mornings before work. It is hard to fit it in!

  2. Carol

    I love your site! The pictures are lovely & food looks yummy! I have just established a free blog with wordpress and my dashboard does not have the capabilities that you have used in designing your site. Did you use another host or do they offer you more options when you pay for this service? I have so many things to blog about that I don’t really know where to start.

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  3. Jen

    Hi! I just found your blog today and I think it’s absolutely wonderful! I’m quite new to blogging (just started my own last week), and I hope to have as many followers as you do some day!

    The set up and content is great, and your pictures are wonderful 🙂

    If you have a spare moment I would love for you to give a quick look at my blog – and let me know if you think there’s anything that could be done better to attract more people 🙂

    Thanks again, and great job with your site!

  4. Casey Magyar Walker (your old babysitter)

    Your blog is beautiful! I am excited to try out some of your recipes. So cool that you are getting into photography too.

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  5. Susan

    Hi Kristin,

    Thanks for all the time and energy you spend to bring us such delicious food ideas and eye candy! I learned to bake bread in my college days (before the dawn of time) from a really good guy friend. Baking (except for cakes – they tend to self-destruct) is my favourite part of meal preparation. I also love to can (jams and pickles especially) and a few days ago made my first batch of Piccalilli using the last of the green tomatoes from the garden – I had lost all hope that they would ripen.

    I certainly hope you stick with the blog for a while as I love reading it and being inspired by your photos and recipes.

    Best to you and yours.

  6. Aurora

    Hey! Love your blog! Just thought I’d help with a grammar error on your FAQ page. In the first paragraph, at the end, it says, “and it rest is history” instead of “and the rest is history.”
    Keep up the awesome work!

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  7. Kelly Schmidt

    Love the site and your recipes are divine! I’m a recently cancer diagnosed- lover of food- turned vegetarian/vegan but I just can’t resist making the six ingredient oatmeal raisin cookies for my boys -2, 4, & 38!!! They all devour them and beg for more!!!
    I am in the process of launching a lifestyle website and would love to chat more about doing a little spotlight on you with a link to some of your recipes!
    I’ll see if I can find you on twitter as well!!
    I’m off to make some more cookies!

  8. Bethany

    I came across your blog when searching for a simple bread recipe. I used your 4 ingredient recipe and fell in love with it. We use it all the time with different variations. I love all the original ideas on your blog and how you have tips to easily substitute or add and still have your stuff come out great! Thanks so much 🙂

  9. Miss Q

    Just ran across your blog on Google while searching for an easy yeast bread recipe using self rising flour, surprisingly I found you. Thank you again. Its my 1st, wish me luck.

  10. Anita Gravelle

    I have tried your perfect blueberry muffins and like them but I think
    the measurement of 1 tablespoon of baking powder must be a print
    should it not be 1 teaspoon or 1 1/2 teaspoon The baking powder
    taste is too prominent?????

  11. Hala

    Hello. Is there anyway to subscribe to your blog? I clicked (notify me of new posts by mail), will that do?
    Just got to know about your blog today itself and can’t get myself off the screen. Thank you.

  12. Curt

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