Dijon Stout Soft Pretzels

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I don’t know about you, but I get excited about football simply for the fact of drinking beer and eating good food! I don’t hate football. I even understand the game and like it sometimes. But if I have nothing invested in the teams playing, which I usually don’t, I’m still “game” to watch because of the inevitable gameday food …


Philly Cheesesteak

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Follow these 8 tips making an incredible Philly cheesesteak at home. The recipe is incredibly simple, but the technique will take yours over the top! Mr. BB and I have been living in Philadelphia now for a year and a half. It doesn’t quite feel like home yet. It probably never truly will. Kansas will always have that comforting coming home …


Homemade Chicken and Flat Dumplings

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This chicken and flat dumplings recipe is true to southern fashion. None of those blobs of dumplings, just flat almost noodle like dumplings in a thick and creamy broth with shredded chicken. Veggies are not traditional in a chicken and dumpling dish, however they can be added if desired. Chicken and flat dumplings is the best “stick to your ribs” …


Homemade Pan Pizza with Perfectly Crispy Crust

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Homemade pan pizza with a perfectly crispy crust can be achieved at home! This recipe and these tips will show you exactly how you can do it and I dare say it is better than take-out!  I haven’t met too many pieces of pizza I didn’t like. Even crappy pizza is good pizza in my book. Especially at 2 am… Now that football …