No-Bake Mini Cranberry Cheesecake Tarts

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These mini cranberry cheesecake tarts use mini phyllo shells, a no-bake cheesecake filling, and an easy 3 ingredient cranberry topping. This quick dessert comes together in a snap and will impress at your holiday gathering!  I’m going to Raleigh this week to spend time with my husband’s family for Thanksgiving. I am so excited to relax and eat some great food! Since we are getting down to the wire for the day of gluttonous glory, I thought I would share a really easy dessert recipe with you! This one is for those who need something to prep quickly but are …


Chocolate Almond Cinnamon Rolls with Pearl Sugar and a Waffle Pantry Giveaway

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Hello friends! Today I’m sharing an awesome recipe with you for cinnamon rolls that are stuffed with chocolate and studded with pearl sugar. What is pearl sugar you might be asking? Pearl sugar or nib sugar, are large crystals of sugar. Belgian pearl sugar is most commonly used in making Belgian liege waffles. The large crystals of sugar don’t dissolve into the dough. Instead they create pockets of caramelized crispy bits of sugar in the waffle. You might remember that I made some liege waffles a few months ago. I didn’t have Belgian pearl sugar at the time so I shared …


Profiteroles with Coffee Ice Cream and Chocolate Ganache

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Learn how to make profiteroles filled with coffee ice cream and topped with chocolate ganache. Use the basic pate a choux recipe to make these simple shells and fill with your favorite ice cream! Remember when I did that whole Pate a Choux Series on the blog? And I taught you how to make the basic pastry and then we used it to make Beignets, and Cheese Puffs, and Classic Cream Puffs,  and Parisienne Gnocchi with (bacon and brussels sprouts!!!), and Eclairs with Espresso Glaze?! Well for some reason I forgot to share with you these profiteroles made with the same choux pastry. Probably …