Light and Fluffy Souffle Pancakes

These souffle pancakes without baking powder are impossibly light and airy! Whipped egg whites act as a replacement for the baking powder in the pancakes and create an incredibly fluffy texture. This recipe can be whipped together in minutes! 

These pancakes are the holy grail of pancakes. Why? Because they are super light and tender and impossibly fluffy. I have a feeling once you make pancakes this way you may not go back!

Over the years I have been asked many times how various baking recipes could be made without baking powder or baking soda. A few years ago I set out to tackle pancakes that were fluffy as all pancakes should be but made without chemical leavener. My genius idea was to whip the egg whites before folding them into the pancake batter. I thought I was brilliant. Fast forward a few years and I’m now fully aware I didn’t invent this technique. But souffle pancakes, my invention or not, are a must-try for any pancake lover out there!

Whipped Egg Whites: Baking Powder Replacement in Pancakes

The process of making souffle pancakes requires very few steps. The one step that is the most crucial is whipping the egg whites and folding them into the batter. The air that is beaten into the egg whites is what will lift the pancake batter and create fluffiness.

Step 1: Separate the Eggs

To create souffle pancakes you need to separate your egg whites from your egg yolks. The egg whites will not whip up and hold air in them if fat is present, therefore the yolk must be separated from the white.

Step 2: Combine Ingredients for the Base of the Batter

In a large bowl, combine the flour, milk, salt, vanilla, and egg yolks. This is the base of the pancake batter and what the egg white mixture will be folded into.

Step 3: Whip the Egg Whites with the Sugar

In a separate bowl, use a hand mixer or a stand mixer to whip the egg whites on medium speed. Once the whites are starting to hold shape, gradually stream in the sugar while continuing to beat the egg whites. You want to beat the whites until they almost, but not fully, form stiff peaks.

Step 4: Fold the Whites into the Pancake Batter Base

Take about one quarter of the whipped egg whites and stir it completely into the pancake batter base. This will lighten the batter slightly and make it easier to fold in the rest of the egg whites. Next, add half of the remaining whipped egg whites and gently fold it in, making sure not to deflate the air out of the whites. Fold in the remaining whipped egg whites into the batter.

Step 5: Cook the Pancakes

Be sure to cook the pancakes immediately. Because these pancakes rely on the whipped egg whites for their lift, they need to be cooked right after mixing. You will be so amazed at how tall and fluffy these babies get!

And that is it! It really is that easy! If you don’t have baking powder on hand or even if you do and you just want the fluffiest pancakes you’ve ever made, this is your recipe!

Souffle Pancakes (Pancakes without Baking Powder)

These souffle pancakes without baking powder are impossibly light and airy! Whipped egg whites act as a replacement for the baking powder in the pancakes and create an incredibly fluffy texture. This recipe can be whipped together in minutes! 

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  • 1 cup (4.25 oz, 119 gr) all-purpose flour
  • 1/4 tsp kosher salt
  • 3/4 cup (6 fl oz, 177 ml) milk (skim, 1%, 2% or whole)
  • 1 tsp vanilla (optional)
  • 3 large egg yolks
  • 3 large egg whites
  • 1/4 cup (1.75 oz, 49 gr) sugar


  1. Separate your egg whites from the egg yolks. Set the whites aside.
  2. In a large bowl, stir together the flour, salt, milk, vanilla, and egg yolks just until smooth.
  3. In a separate bowl, whip the egg whites with a hand mixer or a stand mixer on medium speed. Once the egg whites are beginning to thicken, slowly stream the sugar into the egg whites with the mixer still running. Beat the egg whites to almost stiff peaks.
  4. Add about one quarter of the egg white mixture into the pancake batter. Stir in completely. This will lighten the batter and make it easier to fold in the rest of the whites. Add half of the remaining egg whites into the batter and gently fold the whites in, being careful not to deflate the air out of them. Add the remaining egg whites and fold in again gently until there are no visible white streaks.
  5. Heat a griddle or skillet over medium heat. Pour about 1/4-1/3 cup batter per cake onto the greased skillet and gently spread the batter out to a circle with the back of a spoon or measuring cup. Bubbles will still form on top even though there is no baking powder. Flip the cakes once, when the bubbles pop and the bottom is lightly browned. Cook until lightly browned on the other side. Keep warm in a 200F oven if not serving immediately.
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126 comments on “Light and Fluffy Souffle Pancakes”

  1. GEEEENIUS!! And uh can we talk about how beautiful these pancakes loook to? Cuz GORGEOUSNESS!!! lovelovelove
  2. I LOVE these pancakes. My daughter's favorite food just happens to be pancakes, so I wasn't sure if she would like these because they don't have the same consistency. As it turns out, my five year old has a new favorite food. Thank you for all of your fabulous recipes. I visit your website on a daily basis!

    Rating: 5
  3. I was indeed searching for a 'no baking powder' pancake recipe when I landed at your other page and through there here. I am looking forward to trying out your recipe of using egg whites as a substitute for baking powder.
  4. I'm so glad you and your daughter enjoyed these! I love hearing that!
  5. used this as a base for a free-flying recipe; wonderful. replaced the milk with strawberry yogurt milk and melted some cooking chocolate which i added afterwards to the mixture. great desert. thanks ! :)

    Rating: 5
  6. AMAZING!!! I am no longer using my traditional pancake recipe. This is my new favorite! So easy to make my 3yr old helped!!! :)

    Rating: 5
  7. Tried so many recipes...this is the it....thanks
  8. Hi! Great recipe will try it for breakfast tommorow!!! :) I love, love, love pancakes! Let me share to you how i make my pancakes without baking powder and milk.....yep thats right, no milk! You might be wondering why, well here in my place milk is only for babies, toddlers and those who can afford to add an extra $2 -$3 dollars on their weekly budget, lets just say life here is not as good as what you have there :) So here's how I do it,I use same ingredients as you do, except I replace milk with water and no baking powder, believe it or not it just taste almost the same as with the milk. Now to make my pancakes fluffy, I beat the egg white until its frothy then mix it with the other ingredients. Oh and I once made pancakes using leftover egg yolks (4 egg yolks!) its so rich and creamy, its just yum! You have to try it! :)
  9. These pancakes are wonderful! and I love the idea of using meringue instead of baking powder. It was a little bit of extra work due to the meringue (i've never made it before) but that was also fun to learn how to make. Thanks again for the wonderful recipe that I will use often now :) -Hayden
  10. Fluffy, light, decadent pancakes, awesome, eaten far too many...Again! Do these freeze well, or will they loose their fluffy-airy consistency? These are my 'to go to pancake recipe' from now... Ate them with syrup & whipped cream, drizzled with chocolate...They make a great, easy dessert too. Thanks for my new recipe, easy as pie, or should that be pancakes! Served them with fluffy, cheesy scrambled eggs for a quick, easy lunch, they're gorgeous... Thanks, Odelle Smith (U.K.)
  11. Is baking soda bad?
    • I created this recipe because a lot of people search for pancake recipes without leavening. Mostly due to just not having any on hand but also because of dietary reasons such as needing to be on a low sodium diet or because of digestion issues. Also, during Passover, a lot of people do not eat "leavened" foods. Baking soda and baking powder are considered leavenings. So no, it isn't "bad" there is just a need for recipes without it!
      • One reason many people search for "no baking powder pancakes" is because they have kidney disease and high phosphorus levels in their blood. Dialysis patients must restrict their phosphorus intake because their kidneys no longer can balance the calcium and phosphorus in their bodies. I'll be printing off your recipe for my patients. I've often thought using a meringue would solve the problem but hadn't gotten around to developing a recipe. Now I won't have to! Thanks!
  12. Loved the recipe. Had to whisk the whites by hand, took 50 minutes but totally worth.
  13. I am so happy I came across this recipe! I'm trying it out this morning! I typically make my pancakes without baking soda or powder (I'm allergic to corn - and both of those may contain corn byproducts) and they are often dense and sit super heavy. I'm looking forward to these!!
  14. Wow!! GENIUS . I WAS CRAVING PANCAKES, however all I had in the pantry was flower ,salt,sugar ! The pancakes were fluffy and delicious.
  15. I am so glad I found this recipe. Best pancakes ever! My husband doesn't even like pancakes but he loves these. I will never make them another way again. Thanks so much for sharing!
  16. Fluffiest pancake ever! What an amazing receipe... thanks a mil bakerbettie!
  17. This recipe is awesome! It took me a little bit longer because I had to whisk the whites by hand, but I agree with Heng it was totally worth! Pancakes are one of my little brother's favorite food, so when I wanna do something special for him and make him happy I go to the kitchen and get to work on those pancakes... I've tried so many recipes and at the end I was so disappointed because they were super dense and never look as good as I wanted, it was even frustrating! But from now on I will make pancakes to my lil bro more often! My sister love them, I love them and I'm pretty sure he will love them too! They were delicious, super floffy and perfect! They looked like those pictures on food magazines! Thank you so much for sharing this great recipe! Blessings!
  18. Your recipe was a bit confusing and these were the most dense pancakes ive ever made. Will not be using this recipe again.
    • Lacy don't say that. That's not very nice. Your dissatisfying food for other people. I love ❤️ this recipe. So back off!!!!!
  19. These were so dense and your recipe was confusing. First line said add egg whites then second line says whip them with sugar. Um comfusing. Will not use again.
    • It said to use the EGG YOLKS. Then you use the EGG WHITES with the sugar. I'm only 11, but I managed to use this recipe to make the BEST PANCAKES EVER!!! I forgot to buy baking powder at the store, so the egg yolks were genius. Try reading the recipe again... it was SOOOOO worth it, believe me.
  20. Nothing in her recipe is confusing. You're the one who's dumb. Egg white is an ingredient and sugar is another ingredient. Hence, she said to whip them together to create a meringue mixture. Maybe you overfolded the meringue into the pancake batter and that creat a bunc of dense pancake
  21. I just found this recipe. First, I was doubtful, but after reading the comments, it seems like a great idea! I'm trying it tomorrow on a skillet. Will it really work to whisk egg whites by hand?
  22. Just came across your website today. I actually did overwhip, but really loved how it turned out. These where like Swedish pancakes. I also used three whole eggs instead of 2 egg yolks and 3 egg whites. However it was perfectly delicious, and similar to our German pancake recipe. I have always had a hard time with creating beautifully round pancakes, and this recipe made that so easy. Thanks for posting it.
  23. THANK YOU for posting this......I needed (yes needed) to make pancakes today but did not have any baking powder. I found your website and recipe via Pinterest. Baker Bettie to the rescue!!! I'm not much of a cook but your instructions were spot on and I made a PERFECT batch of pancakes thanks to you. My son insisted we add cinnamon....we did....and it was all so very delicious!! Thank you for giving us this recipe. BLESSINGS on YOU and YOUR KITCHEN!!!
  24. Amazing! Thank you!
  25. These are absolutely delicious. My five year old inhaled almost all the pancakes! Anyhiw, when I folded in the meringue, it took a bit to get rid of the white streaks like in the recipe. So I used a hand mixer and whipped the meringue in the batter... is that bad? The pancakes were light and airy but I don't know if I destroyed the integrity of the recipe!
  26. had to let you know - it's a snowy Sunday we were SO looking forward to pancakes - but without baking powder. Found your recipe from the search phrase you mention above - AMAZING! You saved our cozy Sunday snow day morning! super delish! will use this rom now on (been trying to pry the Bisquick box away from my guy for awhile now (yuk) - success!) many thanks . Great job!
  27. Tastes more like Yorkshire pudding than pancakes. I also ran out of baking powder, and thought this would be a good substitute, but they don't taste like pancakes at all.
    • Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy these. The definitely have a much different texture than traditional pancakes, which I address in the post. Much lighter and airier, which we personally love. I've never thought they tasted like yorkshire pudding though. That sounds like you thought they were too eggy? Perhaps your meringue needed to be folded in a little more.
  28. Hi Bettie, I'm a fairly new cook and baker and I like how you describe the recipes telling us what each ingredient does to the final dish. I have used this recipe of yours before and loved the results. Now my boyfriend and I are trying healthier options so that means replacing all purpose flour with wheat flour and white sugar with jaggery powder. Could you tell me a little more about that? I am going to go through your section on flours and try the flour quantity but if you could suggest something about the jaggery powder I'd really appreciate it. I live in India, hence jaggery powder is easily accessible. Don't know how it is over there. Many thanks, Bettie!
  29. OMG! Yum so easy to prepare and tastes so good ,so light and fluffy this is definitely a recipe I will use again and again ! thanks a mil Bettie
  30. This is the best pancake recipe so far. I'm so thankful to run out of baking powder so i can find your website with your amazing recipe. But i change the measurement of the milk, i used only 3/4 cup of it. I've tried to use 1 cup milk but the batter just too runny for me. But it came out really great too. Thank you so much!!
  31. Do you have any suggestion if i want to store those pancakes for tomorrow, which is better, freeze it, chill it, or let it sit in the room temperature?
    • I haven't ever tried it with these specific pancakes, but I have frozen pancakes in the past and then thawed them and reheated in warm pan. That would probably be what I would try, but I haven't done it with these.
      • I do froze it. And it's not even change the taste and the texture. I stored them for about a week to two weeks and when i reheated them, they still look perfect with their fluffy texture. What a great recipe!!
  32. Im not sure if me and my friend did this wrong but they ended up just being crêpes? They were still good, don't get me wrong. But i think we did something a bit wrong hahaha
    • It sounds like your egg whites deflated or did not get whipped enough. You need to whip the egg whites to stiff peaks where they peaks stand straight up on their own when you take your beater out. And then be very careful as you fold them in so you don't deflate them. Hope that helps!
  33. These pancakes are great! I am 12, and I made them for my mother earlier this morning for a Mother's Day breakfast. Since my dad's on a business trip, I decided to take over for the cooking. When I realized we had no baking soda or powder, I didn't know what to do. Then I found your recipe. I made a few mistakes, but they still came out great! My mother loved them. I can only imagine how great they'd taste if I had made them correctly!
  34. I made this with my step mom and they turned out AMAZING! I did over whip the eggs but it still tasted great! Props to you!! :)
  35. It really works! I want to eat fluffy pancakes but I don't have baking powder and then I found this recipe. Amazing! Thanks for posting this recipe.
  36. This is so cool o.m.g tell me more
  37. I stumbled upon this recipe while looking for a pancake that didn't require baking soda or baking powder (imagine, running out of both at the same time!) These were fantastic and, husband approved!
  38. Oh my...if I could, I'd give this recipe 10 stars! Getting my sister's family on a gluten-free, UNPROCEESED food lifestyle...I subbed almond flour, and the first batch was sooo fragile, I couldn't flip them, so I gently folded in some white rice flour and a little arrowroot, and the rest of the batter held up beautifully. I added chocolate chips as an incentive for my 4y/o twin nephews, and they DEVOURED them. Without syrup, no less!!! They each gave me two thumbs up, which is their version of three Michelin stars. :-)
  39. Love these pancakes. We make these instead of our old buttermilk pancake recipe most of the time now because the texture is so delightful. We get free eggs from our family so these pancakes use the one resource we always have and can afford :) I look forward to trying more of your recipes! I think I am going to try the whole wheat squash muffins next. I love mini chocolate chips!
  40. Can this be made ahead time sit in the fridge over night made then my husbant came home and said let go out to brefest
    • Hi Olivia, Unfortunately this batter will not hold well in the fridge. The egg white will deflate. But you could definitely go ahead and cook them, let them cool completely, then wrap in plastic wrap and freeze. To reheat you can warm them gently in the oven or in the toaster!
  41. Best pancake recipe!! Had made this twice.... Fluffy without the need of bicarbonate of soda :) thanks for posting this!
  42. Amazing, fluffy round pancakes. So simple and quick cooking time too. Thanks for the receipe.
  43. I've made pancakes with this recipe and it turned out really fluffy! Thank you :)
  44. I am in mixing to whites and it is taking forever.
  45. I tried this recipe and it was easy and amazing. The fluffiness was on point and there nothing that had to be fixed. Thank you for giving me this recipe!!!
  46. I just me these for my family and they were amazing. "Better than McDonalds" exclaimed my 6 year old daughter. Which from her was a compliment. Thank you
  47. This is without a doubt the best pancake recipe I've ever come across, they were so fluffy and delicious! I didn't whip the eggs whites as much as I should have but it still came out perfectly and the vanilla is a very nice touch, will definitely be making again!
  48. 2 questions: Can you substitute rice flour on millet flour in this recipe? Is it possible to use meringue in place of baking powder in any pancake recipe? thanks
  49. I just made these and they are really good. I'll make them again whenever I don't have a raising agent. BUT I disagree with the reviews that these taste fluffier and different than regular pancakes. They taste exactly like regular pancakes to me. I'm not complaining. I loved them. And they are light and fluffy. But it makes me wonder what kind of pancakes other people have been making if these taste different. Pancakes have always been light and fluffy for me just like these. Great recipe though. I had fun making and eating them!
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