What does it mean to “Cut in fat”

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The instruction to “cut in fat” is a common instruction in baking recipes. The process of cutting in fat is very simple and a necessary skill for beautiful flaky and tender baked goods such as biscuits, scones, pie and pastry crusts.  In the Ask BB Series, I answer reader questions regarding baking science, techniques, and troubleshooting. If you have a question you would like addressed in depth in the series, email the question to bakerbettie@gmail.com with the subject of “Ask BB.”  “What does it mean when a recipe says to ‘cut in the fat’ and what is the purpose of …


How to Keep Your Pie Crust From Shrinking

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I am starting a new series today, the Ask BB Series. I’m sure you have noticed that I haven’t exactly been posting as frequently around here. That is mostly because I haven’t exactly had as much free time. This series will allow me to keep giving you baking tips and tricks to fill in the gaps in between when I actually have to develop a new recipe. I frequently get questions in the comments here and on my social media sites regarding baking science and/or technique. While I do my best to answer each question, some of them I get …


How to Use Brown Butter in Baking

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Learn all about how to make brown butter and how to use brown butter in baking. Brown butter is one of the easiest ways to make any baked good taste gourmet. Even the simplest of recipes can be quickly elevated with the addition of brown butter.  When I very first started getting into baking in 2010, cookies were my obsession. I was totally focused on creating the most perfect chocolate chip cookie and did endless research on various ways to amp up the flavor and texture of what I dreamed my perfect cookie would be. I can’t even remember where I first …


Swiss Meringue 101

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Learn how to make Swiss meringue, the most stable of all meringues, along with a little food science about how Swiss meringue is different than the other meringue preparations. This post is part of my Baking Fundamentals series where I teach basic baking techniques.  Hello there! It is currently extremely early in the morning and I am very foggy eyed, but I am here and excited because today I am sharing another baking fundamentals post with you! Today I am teaching you about Swiss Meringue, how to make it, and a little science behind what makes it different than the other …


French Meringue 101

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French meringue is the easiest meringue preparation. Learn how to make easy meringue  with only two ingredients and just a few steps. This preparation can be used for baked meringues, pie toppings, folded into cake batters and many other uses!  I have vivid memories of grade school and first learning addition and subtraction. I was good at it. We had this timed test where you were given 100 addition or subtraction problems and if you could do them all correctly in 5 minutes your paper would go up on the wall of fame and you would be given a set …


How to Make Chocolate Mousse

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Learn how to make chocolate mousse that is light, airy, silky smooth, and intensely chocolate. Serve as is, or use as a filling for pie or cake. I am here today to torture you with chocolate and give you another amazing base recipe to keep in your arsenal! I hope the more of these you have the more comfortable you feel in the kitchen making amazing pastries and baked goods! That whole idea of baking being intimidating really starts to go away when you realize that it is all pretty much a combination of basic techniques and basic recipes. Once …


The Biscuit Mixing Method

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Hello lovely friends! Look at my biscuits! Just LOOK at them! I was squeeling with glee when I pulled these babies out of the oven the other day! They are beauts aren’t they? It’s amazing how excited I get over really simple baking executed properly. It is probably my favorite thing ever. And these were my best batch of biscuits yet. SOOO, here we go with the science stuff to help you get biscuits as big and fluffy and flaky as those babies!!! A while back I did a post on The Muffin Mixing Method and gave you a few …


Chocolate Ganache 101

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Learn how to make ganache for truffles, cake frostings, glazes, fillings and many other uses. Made from only cream and chocolate, ganache can be used for so many things! You see that picture up ^ there. That! That is what we like to call “food porn.” Sexy right? But that right there is also what we call the beautiful simplicity and perfection of chocolate ganache! Ganache is one of those few things in the pastry world that I love because of it’s simplicity and versatility. If you have never made ganache before you might not even realize how darn easy …