Butternut Squash Praline Casserole

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Butternut Squash Praline Casserole is a new take on a Thanksgiving classic! Roasted butternut squash is topped with a crunchy praline topping and toasted marshmallows! It is a new favorite in my household and will get rave reviews!  Happy Thanksgiving week everyone! I am currently in Florida for work doing the private chef thing, so Mr. BB and I actually celebrated our Thanksgiving for two last week. It definitely doesn’t feel quite the same to do it early, but I made sure to make way to much of everything so I could extend my feast with leftovers throughout the week! …


Soft Sour Cream Dinner Rolls with Cinnamon Butter

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These Soft Sour Cream Dinner Rolls are the perfect way to get that slightly tangy sourdough flavor without using a sourdough starter! They have a slight crust on the outside, and are super soft, pillowy, and chewy in the middle! Best side dish to any comforting meal!  This recipe was originally published by me in the September 2014 Issue of VRAI Magazine.  I love the transition of seasons. There is just something about the changing air, the changing smells, and the changing sights that energizes me. The changes make me feel more present in the world instead of just going about …


How to Make Homemade Eggnog

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Eggnog is a must have at any holiday party and a homemade version is incredibly easy to make and so much tastier than any store bought variety. You can spike it with your booze of choice! I choose bourbon!  I originally wrote this article and recipe for the December 2014 edition of VRAI Magazine. The article references me living in Philadelphia because I was at the time of original publishing, however I now live in Chicago.  I grew up in a fairly small town in Kansas. A town called Hutchinson that is literally also known asSmallville. It is a special place, though I’m …

No-Bake Mini Cranberry Cheesecake Tarts

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These mini cranberry cheesecake tarts use mini phyllo shells, a no-bake cheesecake filling, and an easy 3 ingredient cranberry topping. This quick dessert comes together in a snap and will impress at your holiday gathering!  I’m going to Raleigh this week to spend time with my husband’s family for Thanksgiving. I am so excited to relax and eat some great food! Since we are getting down to the wire for the day of gluttonous glory, I thought I would share a really easy dessert recipe with you! This one is for those who need something to prep quickly but are …


Salted Caramel Pecan Diamonds

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My take on a pecan diamond is a salted caramel pecan shortbread! These cookies would work very well for holiday sharing as it makes a large amount of diamonds and they are incredibly delicious and hard to stop eating! The buttery flavor and crumbly texture of the cookie base contrasts so well with the salted caramel and toasted pecan topping!  A few years ago at Christmas my sister’s mother-in-law gave my family a tin of Pecan Diamonds. Essentially they are shortbread on the bottom and a layer of caramel and pecans on top. That little tin sat out in the …


Creamy Herbed Mashed Potatoes

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This is my favorite way to make mashed potatoes. Creamy herbed mashed potatoes come together so quickly and are full of flavor! For Thanksgiving or Christmas Day, make these ahead of time and reheat with a little more cream and butter! I know, I know. I’m giving you a recipe for mashed potatoes? That seems kind of silly right? Well, I get a lot of comments and emails all the time from people asking me for my favorite recipe for this or that and it is almost always requests for the basics. My favorite pie crust recipe, or my favorite …


Chocolate Cream Pie

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Get this chocolate cream pie recipe and tutorial! A flaky buttery crust, a rich chocolate pudding filling, and topped with light whipped cream and mini chocolate chips. This is one of my favorite pies from my childhood. Perfect for holidays and celebrations!  The closer we get to the holidays the more and more I get nostalgic about my home. I think about how lucky I am to have grown up in Kansas and I grow homesick of the familiar feeling that state will always bring me. It is difficult for me to express to people from the East Coast who have never experienced …


Freeze and Bake Black Pepper and Sage Buttermilk Biscuits

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Freeze and bake biscuits are the best way to have fresh bread on your dinner or holiday table without the stress! Black pepper and sage buttermilk biscuits can be baked fresh or frozen to be used at a later date when you have a moments notice need for biscuits or are trying to get ahead of the game when cooking for a crowd!  I don’t know about you, but fresh bread is pretty much one of my favorite things in the world. But let’s be honest, on a day as calorie packed as Thanksgiving, bread is really only worth the …