Homemade Apple Cider

Crockpot Apple Cider

Have you ever heard of mouth hallucinations…? Wait. Who am I kidding? Of course you haven’t. I just coined this term yesterday. Let’s start over. Mouth hallucinations are basically exactly what they sound like. A hallucination… In your mouth.  Like when you get a really strong craving for something. And the craving is so intense that you can literally taste it. “Mouth hallucinations.” They’re real.

Crockpot Apple Cider

Before I left for work yesterday I threw a bunch of apples, a couple of oranges, and some warm spices in my crockpot. I covered it all with water, cranked it up, threw the lid on, and went on about my day. I really had no idea if this would work. But I hoped, I prayed, that when I got home from work there would be delicious homemade apple cider waiting for me.

Throughout the day I dreamed of the cider. I could smell it. Taste it. Feel its warmth. (this is when I coined the term “mouth hallucinations.”) And I couldn’t wait to get home to sip on some. But by the end of the work day my mind was filled with a billion other things that I needed to accomplish before the end of the week and hot apple cider was the last thing I was thinking about.

Homemade Crockpot Apple Cider

Fast forward to the moment I stepped foot inside my apartment building. Now granted we live in a fairly small building, but the second I started down the hall to our place the smell of apples and spices smacked me in the face. It smelled incredible. I couldn’t get inside fast enough. First I sampled some all by itself. Amazing. Then I added some bourbon. Amazing. Then I put some in the fridge to chill to have for breakfast this morning. Amazing. Then I re-heated some to take to work. Ah-maz-ing. Mouth hallucination meet reality. I will never buy pre-made cider again.  I now have 2 1/2 liters of the stuff (scratch that, I’ve gulped down at least a liter already) in my fridge. The next few evenings will be filled with cidery goodness.  This sparkling wassail will probably most definitely be made with it as well!

Homemade Crockpot Apple Cider

Homemade Crockpot Apple Cider

Homemade Crockpot Apple Cider


  • 6 quart slow cooker (reduce the amounts for a smaller cooker)
  • 12 medium size sweet apples (fuji, honeyscrisp, gala… best to use a variety)
  • 2 oranges
  • 3 cinnamon sticks
  • 1 TBSP whole cloves
  • 1 TBSP whole allspice
  • 2 inch knob of fresh ginger (optional)
  • up to 1 cup of brown sugar (optional. I didn’t put any sugar in mine and it is delicious! but if you are used to a more sweet cider, add sugar as desired.)


  1. Chop apples and oranges into large chunks
  2. Put apples, oranges, cinnamon, cloves, allspice, ginger, and sugar (if using) in the slow cooker.
  3. Fill the slow cooker with enough water to cover all of the apples. It should fill it pretty much to the brim of the pot.
  4. Turn it on high and put the lid on.
  5. Allow to brew for 8-12 hours. (12 hours is best and even longer would be fine too!)
  6. You can serve directly out of the slow cooker skimming the cider off the top and leaving the fruit in the pot. You can also strain the cider and discard the fruit and put the cider back in the crockpot. There will be some pulp left in the cider. If you prefer a very clear cider strain into a cheese cloth.
  7. Store left over cider in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.
  8. Makes a little over a half galllon.


  1. Jocelyn Delk Adams says:

    How delightful! Looks so homey and elish!

  2. How delightful! This looks so homey and delish!

  3. Vanessa Sewell says:

    Mmmm that sounds so yummy! We add pineapple juice and a touch of honey to ours. Love cider! http://cookinfood.com/2012/11/13/spiced-wassail-traditional-apple-cider/

  4. I'm in for this one for sure. Ever since I moved west I can't find fresh cider…imagine!

  5. Stephanie Doudrick Matasovsky says:

    What do you think it would do if I used clementines instead of oranges? I think they are sweeter, so it might make it nicer. Also, wth does whole allspice look like? LOL off to Google!

  6. Great idea! And I love the ‘mouth hallucination’…totally going to use that term from now on! Happy Holidays!

  7. I can smell it (nose hallucinations) just from your description! And the only thing that could possibly be better than home-made hot cider would be home-made hot cider with bourbon. I love your Christmas Eve suggestion, too. Sounds like we’ll be having hot cider with our cinnamon rolls Christmas morning…

  8. yeah. mouth hallucinations. That totally sounds legit.

  9. Davina Christian Potter says:

    i think we will try this in the upcoming weeks :9

  10. Can't wait to try this…I LOVE cider.

  11. Are most commercial ciders made with the same spices or with spices at all?

  12. Do you remove skins on the oranges and apples before you put them in?

  13. I don't! I like the flavor the zest brings. BUT if you are worried about it getting a bit bitter you can. I personally don't think it's necessary.

  14. Still have lots and lots of apples, I think I'll be trying this next.

  15. Hey Baker Bettie!
    So I saw your recipe for this and went out and bought the ingredients for it…put it all in the crockpot aroung 7, and now its 11am the next day and i just tried mine and it seems a bit sour-ish. I bought red delicious apples for it sonce you said to do a variety but i think it might be the red delicious apples that are aking it taste like this. The taste isnt terrible, its just not as apple-ly as id like it to be. Maybe next time ill do it with just gala, fuji, and honeycrisp, or put more spices? Anyways, thank you so much for the recipe!
    - Shalay

    • Baker Bettie says:

      Hi Shalay,

      It is possibly the variety of apple but did you put any sugar in? That might help tone down the sourness!

  16. Want to try this today but only have cinnamon sticks, crushed clove, crushed nutmeg and crushed ginger? What do you think the amounts of the crushed spices ought to be?

  17. Anonymous says:

    can you use the powder cinnamon instead

  18. Making this tonight :D

  19. Where do you buy whole cinnamon sticks and allspice? Just a regular grocery store? Because I want to make it too! YUM.

  20. James Munger says:

    Taylar Ray you can get these in the spices section of your local grocery. I got had to go to two to get both the whole allspice and whole cloves, but they are there.


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