Bourbon and Thyme Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

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I knew I was officially an adult the day that I choose an oatmeal raisin cookie over a chocolate chip. I know. It sounds crazy right? For most people chocolate over raisins is an easy choice. And it used to be for me too. But as I’ve gotten older, it really depends on the chocolate. Milk chocolate? Eh. I can pass pretty easy. But good quality dark chocolate? Now we’re talking! But I crossed the line into the raisin camp the day I figured out how amazing plumped raisins were in cookies. Especially raisins that have been plumped in bourbon or spiced rum.

I always force my oatmeal raisin cookies upon people who claim to be raisin haters, saying “You haven’t had the raisins in my cookies. Just trust me!” And they do almost always love them and thank me for it. Raisins right out of the package just should not go into cookies. It just isn’t right. They are hard and too chewy and just not very pleasant. At the very least they should be reconstituted in warm liquid, BUT the very very best way to plump raisins is to soak them over night at room temperature. I’m telling you. The texture change is totally worth it and an absolute oatmeal raisin cookie game changer.

I already had a recipe for my best oatmeal raisin cookies. But last week I decided to play around with it some more. And these are 100% without doubt my new best cookies. Bourbon and Thyme Oatmeal Raisin Cookies and it was so dreadfully hot that day I had to make them into ice cream sandwiches with some really good vanilla bean ice cream. Head on over to VRAI Magazine to see my article about these cookies and get the recipe!

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Baker BettieBourbon and Thyme Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Homemade Yogurt Shop Style FroYo

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Bring the yogurt shop to your home with homemade frozen yogurt or “froyo” as the cool kids are calling it! Learn how to make the classic “tart” flavor or change out the flavor of yogurt used to make your favorite flavor! Don’t forget the toppings, of course!

Homemade Frozen Yogurt, Froyo Style: Baker Bettie

WARNING: This post contains numerous pop culture sayings and abbreviations. You may find it obnoxious. But I hope you still love me. Consider yourself warned! 

I totes love pop culture abbreviations and acronyms. Well certain ones. The other ones make me roll my eyes (just in my mind, not in real life. I’m not THAT rude).

I know. Pop culture slang can be really obnoxious. I get it. But I just can’t help it.  I will forever and always say “oh em gee” in slow mo when I am surprised by something. If you make me laugh in a text you most certainly will get a “lol” reply and it should be read as “laaaaawl!!!” with lots of exclamations in your mind. And you CANNOT tell me that it’s not really satisfying to yell “YOLO” when you are about to do something exciting or a little naughty… RIGHT?! And “froyo” is equally as fun to say!  BUT you will never ever hear me say smh, fml, lmfao, gtfo or any of the like. I have to draw the line somewhere. See the line?

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Baker BettieHomemade Yogurt Shop Style FroYo

Braided Cinnamon Sugar Bread

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Braided Cinnamon Loaf with Vietnamese Cinnamon- Baker Bettie

You know when you’re in a store and the clerk lays a total sales pitch on you, but tries to sound all non-nonchalant about it? Well I’m that person that knows they are trying to get me to buy the thing but then buy it anyway. Because I mean, what if they are right? What if the thing WILL change my life forever? I just can’t risk not getting it.

Well, I’m in the spice store the other day on a girl date and I’m looking at all the various kinds of cinnamon. And the the clerk very casually says, “Vietnamese cinnamon is by far the best cinnamon I’ve ever tasted.” So I obviously snatched it up. Then I proceeded to  walk around the store with it for the next half hour pretending to search for other things I might need but really debating about if the ridiculous high price for a little bottle of cinnamon was worth it. He said it was “the best.” Not good, but BEST. But I mean, it’s cinnamon. All cinnamon tastes delicious. How much better could this cinnamon be? I have numerous jars of cinnamon in my cupboard. Way too many jars of cinnamon. I absolutely don’t need another jar of cinnamon… So I bought it.

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Baker BettieBraided Cinnamon Sugar Bread

Country White Sandwich Bread

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Country White Sandwich Bread Recipe -Baker Bettie

I have been thinking a lot about the idea of worthiness lately. I recently heard someone say, “There are no prerequisites for worthiness.” This statement hit me hard. And initially I wasn’t even quite sure why. I just couldn’t quit thinking about it. “There are no prerequisites for worthiness.” It just feels powerful.

We are constantly questioning and trying to prove our worth. If only I was smarter, or skinnier, or more attractive. Even if we aren’t aware of it, the question of our worth effects our life. But I feel we can never fully see the worth in others if we don’t fully see the worth in ourselves. I do think it is important to figure out the way I want to contribute to the world. In whatever way that may be, believing in a way to contribute can help me to see my worth. Be it big or small.

I am still figuring out my roles in this existence. I know for sure I have a role as a wife, a friend, a sister, and a daughter. These I know, and are important roles to me. But I know there are other things I am meant to contribute. I’m just not exactly sure what yet. But I do hope bread baking is part of it.

Country White Sandwich Bread Recipe -Baker Bettie

I love baking bread on Sundays when I am spending the whole day in relaxing with Mr. BB and doing housework. I can let it rise while I do a few loads of laundry while binge watching Netflix. It feels like multitasking which makes me feel productive while still be super lazy. It is perfection. This week I made a country white sandwich loaf. It turned out tall, soft, fluffy, and tender. Mr.BB and I ate this as well as the decadent sweet loaf I have coming up for you this week in about 2 1/2 days. That was us trying to restrain ourselves, but, well… bread. I’m going to teach you the process. Let’s get started!

*Sidenote: I am starting to create information pages on basic baking/cooking techniques and ingredients according to what I’m talking about in each post. If you see a link on an ingredient or technique you can click it and find out more information about it. I want this blog to become a space where you can easily find the information you are looking for. If anything is ever unclear or you want more information about something please comment and let me know! I will create a page about it! You will see several of these links below!    Read More

Baker BettieCountry White Sandwich Bread

Key Lime Pie with Graham Cracker Crust (only 5 ingredients!)

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Easy Key Lime Pie with Only 5 Ingredients- Baker Bettie

Mr. BB and I just got back from a week long trip along the East Coast. Our last stop during the trip was in Florida to visit his parents. I knew I had to have at least one piece of Key Lime Pie while I was there. It is one of my all time favorite desserts, but one of those that I often forget about. It just isn’t something you often see on the menu in other parts of the country. So when it was on the dessert menu at our first meal out, I had to order it. I have eaten quite a few key lime pies, but this was by far the best I have ever tasted. The texture was insanely creamy. There was a perfect amount of crust (i love a little bit of a thicker crust) and the limey tartness was spot on. I totally could have downed a second piece. But I controlled myself :)

The description on the menu stated that the filling only used 3 ingredients: sweetened condensed milk, key lime juice, and pasteurized egg yolks. I was stunned. How could only these three things make something so incredible?! So I set out to recreate it. After reading a lot of recipes I landed on one that I felt might be the closest. A lot of recipes called for much more than these 3 ingredients. And quite a few of them called for these 3 ingredients but they were baked. I am pretty certain that this pie I tried was not baked because they made a point of saying that the egg yolks were pasteurized. That makes me think that they were for sure raw.

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Baker BettieKey Lime Pie with Graham Cracker Crust (only 5 ingredients!)