Easy No-Knead Skillet Bread

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The easiest no-knead skillet bread. Just mix all of the ingredients together, let the dough rise, pan and bake. You won’t get your hands or counters messy!

No-Knead Skillet Bread

I am at a weird place in my life…

I was out the other night with a group of friends from work when I ran into an old friend from college. We had not seen each other since the day we graduated. We hugged, exchanged pleasantries, and then the inevitable question came up, “What are you up to these days?”

I graduated college in 2010 after 6 long years of working on my music therapy degree. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life and also one of the things I am most proud of accomplishing. But these days I hate the question: “What are you up to?” Because we all know that really means: “Where are you working?”

She shared that she has a full-time music therapy position and I was truly excited for her. Because I know her and I know how passionate she is about music and this profession. Then it was time for me to share. I told her how I was working at the mental health center doing case management (not music therapy). I could immediately see it in her eyes. As if she was saying “Oh, you poor thing.”  I tried to quickly explain that this was my decision. That I believe in music therapy and think it’s an amazing profession  (Side note: It is such an amazing profession if you are not familiar with it! www.musictherapy.org), but I have learned that music is just not my passion.  I could see that she didn’t understand. She couldn’t relate. So I quickly wrapped it up, said goodbye, and moved on.

No-Knead Skillet Bread

But I couldn’t quit thinking about this. It is such an interesting position to be in. The position of coming to realize what having true passion for something feels like.  And then, in return, realizing that what you thought was your passion absolutely is not. Baking has done that for me. And I see it as such a blessing. If I wouldn’t have found my passion through food I would probably still be doing music therapy and trying to figure out why I wasn’t happy. It is exciting, not sad.

But still, people look at me with sympathy when I share that I have stopped doing music and have sold all of my instruments. And I feel they think I am nuts when I share that I write a food blog and am obsessed with baking. Being a musician was my identity for as long as I can remember, but it never really made me happy. I have truly come to the place where really don’t even care what people are thinking. Because it is very liberating to finally be completely honest with myself and now with everyone else. To be okay with letting go of something that was such a big part of my life for so long and to embrace something new.

No-Knead Skillet Bread

I guess the point I am trying to make here is that I’m finally okay with publicly announcing: I am not a musician! I am a baker! Whew. That feels nice. Honesty… Feels good. Do you want to try? Maybe we can all take turns? Have anything you need to announce? What your passions are? What they aren’t? What you want them to be? It’s like therapy. Only much cheaper and maybe not as effective but maybe more fun… Food blog therapy. Culinary therapy! Let’s make it a thing!

No-Knead Skillet Bread

I have actually had an idea for a long time for making a profession of Culinary Therapy.  Well I just googled it and apparently it already exists as a division of Art Therapy. Crazy and cool! I’m in love with it!

I’m also in love this bread. I’m not sure where I came up with the idea but I just liked the thought of cooking some rustic bread in the skillet with very little work. Bread doesn’t have to be so intimidating. It puffed up and crusted up just beautifully. Your family and friends would be super impressed with you if you slapped this on the table with dinner. And while everyone is stuffing their faces with warm bread and being incredibly impressed with you, you can lay on the honesty. I think a good dose of honesty should always come with warm bread. Maybe we’d all be a little more honest?

No-Knead Skillet Bread

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Yields 1

Easy No-Knead Skillet Bread

1 hr, 35 Prep Time

40 minCook Time

2 hr, 15 Total Time

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1 package active dry yeast (2 & 1/4 tsp if measuring from bulk yeast)
2 cups lukewarm water
1/2 TBSP kosher salt
4 & 1/3 cups all-purpose flour
olive oil


  1. Combine yeast and warm water in a large bowl or pitcher.
  2. Using a wooden spoon add in 1 cup of the flour and then the salt and mix until combined. Stir in the rest of the flour, one cup at a time, until completely incorporated.
  3. Cover with plastic wrap or a lid that is not shut completely. Allow to rise for 1 hour.
  4. Do not punch down the dough. Lightly oil the bottom of a cast iron skillet (a 10" or 12" skillet works well). Sprinkle a good amount of flour on top of the dough and then cover hands with flour. Take all of the dough and shape into a disk. (it will be sticky)
  5. Place in the skillet, cover loosely with a towel, and allow to rise for another 30 minutes.
  6. Preheat the oven to 400ºF.
  7. Drizzle a little more oil over the top of the bread, and slash the dough with a knife creating an X. Sprinkle with coarse salt and rosemary leaves.
  8. Bake for 35-40 minutes until the top is a deep brown color.

Tools I used for this recipe…

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Strawberry Lemon Curd
Apple Streusel Muffins

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Comments 191

  1. Kalamitykelli

    This looks fantastic! I am fairly new to baking bread so this will be perfect with the chili I will make this weekend! As someone who has had her undergrad and grad degrees for about 20 years I can tell you that there are darn few of us who work in the field our actual education is in. My daughter receive her master's degree in a field she had wanted to work in since she was 8 years old – seriously 8! About the time she finished her internship and was set to defend her paper she told me she didn't really care for the field like she had always thought and since it didn't pay that well anyway, she had decided to go into a completely different direction! I think the importance is the general knowledge you gained while in college that will assist you in whatever you do. Don't feel bad, feel lucky that you didn't wake up 30 years from now and wonder why you wasted your life on something that wasn't your passion!

    1. Post
      Baker Bettie

      It is so true Kelli! I learned so much about myself and just the world in college. I don’t regret one second of it!

      Let me know if you do make the bread and how it turns out!

  2. Christine Hagaman Hyde

    This looks DElicious! I think it's wonderful that you found your passion early. I know so many people who are following paths choosen by their parents, society pressures or just because they've done it so long they feel it would be a waste of their life if they admitted now that they don't like what they are doing.
    It's never to late to be what you might have been. : )
    Be proud of yourself and happy you found your path!

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      1. Joan DelPozzo

        I decided to try this yesterday to serve with the big pot of chicken soup I had on the stove. As luck would have it, the power went out about the time the dough was risen. I just pulled it away from the edge and sprinkled a drop of flour and put it in the fridge overnight. Our little generator can’t power the ovens. Today I put it in the skillet and let it sit out for about an hour. It was fabulous with the sea salt and fresh rosemary it had a nice finish, but the texture was amazing. Thanks for this one.

  3. Robyn Q

    I love passionate people! And I love learning about others passions! It really is baring our souls and it feels good. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I’m making for supper today. Oh, and great photography! Be blessed~

    1. Post
      Baker Bettie

      Me too Robyn! I love seeing passion in other people! I’m certain everyone has it in them for something. I once thought maybe I didn’t, but here I am writing this post!

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  4. Becky

    Baking has always been my therapy, but I never imagined that there would be a Culinary Art Therapy vocation. Good for you that you are following your heart!
    The bread is gorgeous and I want to make this one, but first I have to get a cast iron skillet.

    1. Post
      Baker Bettie

      I know right? So awesome! It makes sense though right? There is so much involved with cooking and baking that is so healing.

    1. Post
      Baker Bettie

      I used a 10″ but I would definitely go with your 12″. The bread will just spread out more and not be so thick. It was really think in my 10″ so I think the 6 would be way too small.

      1. Judy

        I made this today and used my 10″ cast iron skillet. Came out great. I love the coarse sea salt on top. That was a nice touch. Very good and very easy. I will be making this again.

  5. Allison

    I have loved your blog the moment I stumbled upon it. This process of finding out who we are is never ending as we are always changing and adapting. But you are so right about finally being honest with yourself. This takes courage just as putting yourself out there with your fabulous blog. I really got a lot out of this post and I love your idea about culinary therapy. This recipe is a keeper and your photos and post make it so exciting to read your blog. Once again, thank you for taking the time to share your experiences and lessons you have learned along the way – not to mention your delicious recipes. 🙂 I am going to pinterest this one!

    1. Post
      Baker Bettie

      Allison this is the sweetest comment. It is knowing that people like you are enjoying my blog that truly brings me so much joy with it!

  6. susie

    I stumbled on this on Pinterest, and have made no knead before with rosemary…and discovered I am allergic to the pointy little needles! But I loved your blog on your new passion. As a mom with 2 kids in college, I can see this transition. My athlete has hung up his cleats and is a self taught musician singing in bars with his band. He is the happiest he has been in years. I don’t know what his career choice will be, but when (Oh dear Lord, let it be soon!) he graduates, I know that I want him to find what makes him happy…I wish he was closer to home, because when I make this bread tonight, sans rosemary, he would certainly be happy!

    1. Post
      Baker Bettie

      Oh no! Rosemary is my favorite herb! Too bad. But I’m sure it is delicious without it. Or your could sprinkle some thyme over top in the last few minutes. That would be tasty!

      It is interesting how many people start to realize what they thought they wanted before college is not the same after college. But college was still so valuable to me. I learned so much about myself.

    2. paul

      I arrived her totally by chance, and your comment Susie , was the first thing I read. I just wanted to say what a lovely thing it is.
      .. and I can say so, too! How grand and kindly is all that!
      Thank you.

  7. chrisd

    Your friend will understand one day. Give her time and forgive her.

    When I was a child, I used to listen to my mother sing next to me in church. I didn’t understand why she wouldn’t join choir because her voice was beautiful. She told me she wasn’t interested.
    I always that was so sad, that she had given up a dream.

    My dream was to be an actress. And I did that for about 10 years or so when I was young. But things changed and I honestly lost interest. As much time and energy as I put into it, I didn’t care about it anymore. I had done that and wanted to do something else.

    You learned this as a young woman and thank God you learned it early. I am happy that you are doing something that brings you joy because honestly, how many people are actually doing that?

    BTW, I’ll be pinning your recipe. And thank you for being so transparent.

    1. Post
      Baker Bettie

      Thanks Chris. I know she will one day understand. I don’t blame her. She just has no reference point because she is still so passionate about it. One thing that I think a lot of people don’t realize is that it isn’t always about dreams dying, it’s about dreams changing.

      I hope you do make the bread sometime. It is so tasty and easy to make!

    1. Post
  8. Laura

    Hey! Love your blog! One quick question, could I use a stoneware baking dish instead of cast iron skillet? I’m excited to experiment with this on my new in-laws! Thanks!

    1. Post
      Baker Bettie

      I haven’t tried it, but I definitely think so! Let me know if it works. I know people bake bread in stoneware all the time.

      1. Laura

        Turned out fabulous!!!!! My in-laws were super impressed! Thank you so much for the recipe. You helped me look like a rockstar when truth be told, I’d never baked bread before in my life!

        1. Post
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  10. Marisa

    I understand completely. After being in the USAF, then I baking, I finally went back to school (culinary) in my early thirties. I am now a pastry chef!

    Anyway, quick question.. How long do you let the yeast sit before you add the flour? Till it is active and foamy or is that not crucial to this recipe?


    1. Post
      Baker Bettie

      Hi Marisa! Thanks for stopping by. I actually just started culinary school last week and am loving it. So cool that you went back and are doing what you love!

      Great question about the yeast. With this bread you do not have to wait for it to activate. You can wait, if you prefer, just to make sure the yeast is alive but I literally just throw it all in together and stir and let it rise.

  11. Marisa

    Love your blog. I can relate in many ways. I went back to Culinary School at 29 after serving in the military as weather and then having a family. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life but found cooking therapuetic. It was in school I realized I was and vein better baker. After many of my husbands deployments, sounds sports injuries and delays of life, I finally graduated last year (8years after I first started) with my degree in culinary and baking. Now I am the head pastry chef of the convention center at 37 and loving every minute. Always follow your passion. You can’t be wrong if you love it!

    Oh and the brad was a HUGE hit on this cold night? Thanks!

  12. Chip

    I was excited to try this bread but my first attempt was a complete failure. Bread just wouldn’t brown so I knew something was not going right,yuk. I have made bread before with no worries so wasn’t sure of the problem. An hour later I was ready to try again and this time I used unbleached bread flour instead of the AP flour. What a huge difference in this new batch. Dough rose like crazy and was almost impossibly sticky. Decided to look at the date on the AP flour….uh oh… way out of date. Don’t need to tell you by how much but shows you how often I bake . Second attempt, total success. Bread was perfect spread with roasted garlic then dipped in olive oil and a bit of sea salt. Just want my boys to have memories of home baked bread like my mom gave me. Fresh bread rules!
    Thanks for a great memory maker ,Baker Betti.

      1. Post
  13. Heather Wacker

    I love this I make a similar bread I add any type of garlic, rosemary, roasted tomatoes ect. Whatever sounds good when baking it always turns out awsome another FYI I cook on a pizza stone as unfortunately my kids ruin my cast iron by "washing it" someday soon when they are all out I will get my 4 th set of cast iron cook wear and clean it properly by oiling it!

  14. Rona Conners-Degner

    It is easy to Re Season your cast iron skillet using any kind of 'hard' oil like Coconut or even crisco. Rub it down with the oil and keep wiping and re applying until the rust is all gone. Then put the oil just on the inside and put on the burner on medium. Watch it and let the oil melt. Wipe it out until it is all clean. Good luck!

  15. Catherine Jones-Hatcher

    do you have CAST IRON un need of a spruce up? Here is some advice from someone who seems to know what to do: RONA CONNERS-DEGNER says…It is easy to Re Season your cast iron skillet using any kind of 'hard' oil like Coconut or even crisco. Rub it down with the oil and keep wiping and re applying until the rust is all gone. Then put the oil just on the inside and put on the burner on medium. Watch it and let the oil melt. Wipe it out until it is all clean. Good luck!

  16. Patricia Ann Roth

    Thanks, drug out my old cast iron skillet, will reseason with Crisco and try the above bread recipe! Makes me excited to start cooking more after coming out of a deep depression, the SMELL of FRESH BREAD, appeals to me and I WANT to LEARN once more. I am 81 years and it is NEVER too LATE!

    1. Jan

      Hi Patricia, I’ll be 72 soon & like you I want to start cooking again as I’m beginning to feel so much better. Your right, the smell of freshly baked bread is so appealing, except I bet I’m going to gain some weight (ugh!) Oh well, I can always take that (the weight) with me lol lol 😉

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  18. Shari Bradley

    Wow, this turned out soooo good, so yummy delicious! thank you so much for the recipe and for your very inspiring blog. music was my passion for many, many years. no longer being involved in music at this point leaves my creative energies somewhat at a loss of direction. have found pinterest to be so inspiring. made a delicious meal for my family for Christmas as well as lots of yummy treats. then chocolate chip pancakes this morning and this BREAD! oh my goodness it was good. thank you and happy new year!

  19. KimberlyD

    I make no kneed rolls from a 1940 Home & Garden cook book, not baked in a cast iron fry pan though, but I don’t see why they couldn’t be. Also makes me think of fry bread, my friends make who live out west. This sounds yummy and will try it. I am newly to making bread and rolls from scratch, and not using a bread machine at all, I use to use one. I have always loved to bake other things and finally decided at my age of 47 to conquer my fear of making bread and I did and I love making it!

  20. Jodi Byrum Levengood

    Thank you for this recipe! It's so easy and delicious, and I love that I can change the flavor of the bread by changing the topping. I have my degree in music education, but as of now I'm a preschool teacher and soon-to-be SAHM when our 3rd child is born in April. I understand how it feels to have my music teacher friends look sadly at me when I tell them what I do now. 🙂

  21. Margie Orr

    Patricia Ann, I'm not but a few years behind you; and I agree with you completely. It's NEVER too late to learn something new. I like that the skillet doesn't have to be preheated.

  22. Lisa Whitley

    I baked your bread and it was AWESOME!!! I’m a better cook than I am baker … this was my first attempt at “bread from scratch” and was so tickled that it turned out so well….can’t wait to try it again! Thanks for a delicious recipe!

  23. Joan Lattimore Hockman

    I heartily commend you! I had to give up a 20-year career in cardiac critical care nursing because of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. My passion is knitting. One day I hope to learn to spin and dye my own yarn. That news is generally received with a generous dose of patronization. I'm learning not to care.

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  25. Alexis Page

    This was really good bread! I didn't have rosemary, so instead I drizzled the top with garlic oil and added some Italian seasonings to the dough. Yummy!

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  37. Susan L.

    Check out, “No Need To Knead” by Suzanne Dunaway. This book started me on my bread baking odyssey. I loved the concept of no big mixers and simple breads. I now bake all of our breads, sweet and savory. Sandwich breads, hamburger buns, dinner breads… I love baking!

  38. Tina Novak

    Making this AGAIN because it's so good…..added some bacon and Italian spices, and oiled the old Griswold with bacon grease….

    1. Post
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  40. Susan Smith

    I love to cook and am truly a great cook. Baking, however, has never been something I am truly unable to understand, and accomplish! I am going to try some of your recipies as you seem to write about baking as I think about cooking. You lay out the point of each ingredient, and even show me where I can innovate. I also never knew ingredients were supposed to be room temp! So, thanks. Love your blog.

    1. Post
      Baker Bettie

      What a sweet comment Susan! That is definitely my goal. To try and help people understand that baking can be simple if you just understand a few things about it. So glad I can help!

  41. Nancy D

    Dear Baker Bettie,
    I just found your blog and read this post, and am happy to say you are one of my soul mates, thank you for sharing your struggle with admitting who you really are!

    1. Post
  42. Jessica P

    How big of a skillet did you use? My cast iron is massive, I think 12 or 16 inches, so I worry it would end up more of a flatbread. Could I use a small Dutch oven instead?

    1. Post
      Baker Bettie

      Hi Jessica! My skillet is 10″. I honestly think a 12″ would be better for this bread though because it was crazy thick in mine! I think a 16″ would also work, but it will be less thick. I don’t think it would be flatbread thin tough. You may need to adjust the baking time. Just watch it. But yes, any oven proof pan would work. A dutch oven would absolutely work!

  43. RL Johnson

    wow its awesome to find another who has gone thru this 'process' i have felt very alone on my path. thanks… as to the bread – sounds yummy! have you tried it over coals?? i am assuming i would have to 'lid' it to Bake it. 🙂 what do you think?

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  46. Violet

    Question – is the flour measurement for sifted flour or just flour right out of the bag/canister?

    I can’t wait to try the recipe but it will be my first bread so I’d like to get it right.

    1. Post
    1. Bri M

      How did the whole wheat version turn out? I want to try, but I’m not a bread baker, so I don’t know what adaptations are necessary 🙂

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  48. Linda Picken

    Amazing blogs and recipes (and Baker Bettie, I am sure). Every recipe I’ve tried so far has turned out better results than recipes I’ve tried from our local “world-famous” baking company’s site and cookbook. The award-winning collector edition cookbook is now a dust collector, and this is my go-to site for family favorites!

    This skillet bread received rave reviews at recent family dinner. Thank You!!!!

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  50. Mel from Palm Beach

    This was so much easier than the last Rosemary bread I made. My 15 year old nephew stopped by, tried it and loved it. Asked if I would make him more. So just made 2 more batches; one I followed this recipe and the other I added some shredded cheese and a little honey. Also, like the roasted garlic with the bread. The smell of this Rosemary bread baking is comforting and gets me excited for the holidays. Thanks for this much easier bread recipe.

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  52. Kathrine

    This bread is super easy!! And taste great! I made it to go with soup and was perfect.

    Have you ever used any whole wheat flour in it? Thought I would try subbing one cup next time and 2 the next if it works with one.

    1. Post
      Baker Bettie

      I personally haven’t Katherine, but I think 1 cup would be the perfect amount to start with to try it! Enough to give it a little more flavor and color but not make it too rough! Let me know how it goes!

  53. Pat Rickett

    This bread is fantastic. I cut the recipe in half and then baked in my 8″ cast iron pan about 25-30 minutes. The first loaf didn’t rise as much as I expected but still was delicious. After reviewing similar bread recipes, the second time I made it (half recipe) I used a little warmer water with my yeast, added one tsp. of sugar to the yeast and water mixture and let it sit about 5 minutes. I also added one tsp. of a dried herb mix that I like when I added the salt with the flour. that loaf rose a little higher and turned out great too! Thanks for the recipe.

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  58. T

    Wow! made for our Dinner today. I used 3 cups of King Arthur’s unbleached unbromated flour and
    2 and 1/3 cups of King Arthur’s whole wheat flour. Had basmati rice, skillet chicken, special sauce using the drippings from the skillet chicken, frozen green beans seasoned with onions and coconut oil and had some corn. Thank you for the skillet recipe, my first time making skillet bread. Plan to make more using other ingredients. ( Makes me want to keep on baking bread). Need ways to use Healthier flours.
    Also, I had some home made blueberry sauce week or so past. Put some on the bread, absolutely delicious. Thank you, T

  59. Jen

    Thank you so much for this recipe! I consider myself a foodie; I love to cook and love trying new recipes, but one thing I HATE is making bread!!! The smell of yeast alone is enough to make me nauseous, so I avoid it like the plague and stick to quick breads/biscuits/etc. This, however, seemed like it would keep the time “involved” with the dough to a minimum, so I decided to give it a try. It came out wonderfully in my new cast iron pan I got for Christmas, exactly as pictured (though only about 25 minutes in my oven), and even my picky eaters ate it. I served it with bowls of olive oil, balsamic, sea salt, and pepper for dipping, and even though the bread itself was a bit bland, it was a huge hit! Next time I’ll try adding some olive tapenade and garlic to it, and maybe sprinkle on some feta in the last few minutes of baking. My mouth is watering just thinking about it… This is a great base recipe I can’t wait to play with.

    1. Post
  60. Marilynn

    I found this recipe today as I was looking for reasons to use my oven on this frigid Adirondack day! Every time the temp is below zero I bake and this looked like a good start to the day. I didn’t have rosemary, so used thyme instead. Very easy and great with olive oil. Will make a second one today, but add some cheese, garlic and tomatoes. Thank you for a great recipe.

  61. Olivia

    Hi Bettie! What an inspiring post! I am in college now, and I’m feeling torn about my major. The major I thought fit me didn’t end up working out, and now I feel stressed as I try to figure out where to go next. I love that you found your true passion and that you are at peace with the path you took to find it. Thanks for sharing!

    p.s. I’m looking forward to trying this recipe 🙂

    Olivia (www.vickiandlivi.com)

  62. Michelle

    Wow, tried this the other day and we all loved it! Funny thing though, I was actually looking for a recipe for “Pain Bathbout” (a homemade bread from North Africa) and stumbled upon your blog. And am so glad I did!

    1. Post
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  66. Christel Webb

    Hello Betty

    I have put you into my favorites and I am going to make a few things from your recipes starting with your no kneed skillet bread. Is it possible to put the centigrade in your recipes next to your F. I would really appreciate this and I think many other bakers will as well.

    Thank you very much.

    Kind regards

    1. Post
      Baker Bettie

      Hello Christel. Thank you for you comment. I can certainly try, but I can’t promise I will remember. I also already have 100’s of recipes on the website that I unfortunately don’t have time to edit. I recommend bookmarking this link so you can quickly do the conversation. http://fahrenheittocelsius.com/ Hope that helps!

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  71. dsrg

    I seem to be the only having difficulty with this recipe 🙁

    I backed the bread at 400 degrees for 35 minutes, and it was still white, no sign of browning. So I increased the temperature to 425 for another 5 minutes, and it was only lightly browning. I have now increased it to 475 degrees for an additional 10 minutes. I had placed it on the top rack of my oven.

    Can you confirm to me what temperature it needs to bake at?

  72. DeeElle

    Wonderful recipe! I didn’t need to change a thing. While I don’t favor sticky doughs, the advice to sprinkle a goodly amount of flour on top and on my hands helped. Next time, I’m going to add a little more flour while removing the dough from the bowl, as I’d like to create a little more surface tension on the dough disk, which would make the slashing easier. Thanks so much, and I’ve shared this page and site to our Cast Iron Cooking facebook group. (179,000 enthusiastic CI fans). Thanks again.

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  74. Judy theus

    I added Rosemary to dough and also added 3T go granulated sugar. It was very good. There are only two of us , I will dry the leftover to make bread cubes for salads.

  75. M

    Thanks for this recipe! I’m not the usual age that you would assume about a person who usually goes on websites -I’m only twelve- but I love cooking and baking. I live in the Middle East- it’s MELTING here most of the time, so not having to knead the dough is amazing- just mix, cover, go do some schoolwork (homeschooling is flexible), stick in pan and start a pot of soup, and then pull it out of the oven at dinnertime! Easy peasy- and it leaves plenty of time for me to read my new books! Yay! (…. bit of a bookworm doesn’t even BEGIN to describe me…. 🙂

  76. cathy R

    Do you have to use a cast iron pan? I would love to try this recipe (my mouth is watering just thinking about it!) but I don’t have a cast iron pan. Would a copper pan, ceramic or glass or terra cotta baking dish work? I have all of those!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  79. Maisarah

    I hope you are well. I tried out your recipe of the no-knead bread today… unfortunately mine turned out hard instead of fluffy :(. I followed all the measurements and method except that i used gluten free flour due to our gf diet. is that why?
    and btw I wish you all the best in all your undertakings. I am also not currently working and sometimes other people who do not know my current situation thinks i am not “applying myself” whatever that is.. so just don’t worry about them and let’s focus on ourselves and our immediate loved ones, they are the ones who matter!

  80. Tom

    Hello…I plan on making this bread today…if you wanted to add roasted garlic and/or olive pieces to the bread at what point during the process would you do that?



    1. Post
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  82. Juliana

    People need to stop judging….period! Anyone who can bake is a cross between a scientist and a magician! This recipe looks lovely and As a non baker, I hope to pull it off. thank you. Happy baking!

  83. Matt

    Hi all. I’m very new to baking (bread or otherwise) and I’ve just finished trying to make this for the second time. I’m really struggling with step 4, in particular transferring it from the bowl to the skillet. How are you supposed to do that and keep it whole? I end up having to rip it into pieces and then it’s all over my hands no matter how much flour I have on them. Should I pour the dough from the bowl to the skillet? I imagined that it would come out like a ball or something from the directions. Any help would be appreciated!

    1. Post
      Baker Bettie

      Hi Matt, It is a very wet dough so yes, you can kind of pour it out of the bowl into the skillet. I use a rubber spatula to help free it from the sides and just sort of pour it into the skillet. It doesn’t have to look pretty. As it proofs and rises it will spread out and even out.

      1. Matt

        OK, sounds good. I’ll definitely try that next time. When it’s done, does any part of yours stick above the rim of your pan?

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  88. Pao

    I made this bread and was delicious and easy. I appreciate you don’t have to wait 12 hours like with other no-knead breads.
    My bread turned out really crumbly though — any idea of what didn’t work out?

  89. sharon

    can wheat flour be used in place of white flour and are measurements the same? LOVE this recipe but gaining weight eating home made bread !!! LOL

    1. Post
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  91. Laura

    Superb! I made this tonight and my husband (not normally much of a bread eater) and I demolished half of the loaf right away. It was definitely very easy and worth the time. The one thing I will do differently next time is I won’t try to shape the dough into a disk. It was far too sticky to handle and I left a lot of it behind stuck to my counter. Next time I’ll just blop the whole thing into my skillet and call it a day!

  92. Cloe

    We made this bread tonight for dinner . It was easy Peasy! It looked lovely and tasted Devine. We added fresh lemon zest from one lemon. Thank you for sharing this! It will also be perfect to fix in the rv where time and room to kneed is scarce.

  93. Jennifer

    Came across your recipe on Pinterest, and it sounded so easy that I made it on an impulse this afternoon. It was wonderful. Few things compare to a slab of homemade bread still warm from the oven, topped with butter. Have you ever tried refrigerating the dough for a couple days? I’ve done that with other no-knead breads (I like the slightly sourdough-y tang the dough takes on) and am wondering if it will work with this dough. I’m also tempted to mix some caraway seeds into the dough instead of rosemary next time. Thanks again; the recipe went straight into my box!

  94. Patsy

    Whoa, Nellie!!! This is some awesome bread. The crust, the dense but yummyness (is that a word?) of the inside. I admit I had my doubts. No eggs, no butter or oil! My family absolutely loved it. I hate when a reviewer says I made it right by the recipe, but did this or that. BUT! I confess I did make a few additions. I roasted a head of garlic and squished it in the batter and added some dried rosemary too. I’m telling you, this was one of the easiest and most delicious breads I’ve made and I’ve made bread for more years than I want to admit. And it’s beautiful! Thanks so much. Hugs from League City, Texas!!

  95. kushi

    Thank you so much for the inspiration. I tried this out today with basil and garlic cloves and it turned out amazing! Got over in no time 🙂

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  98. Carolyn

    Awesome, just the type of recipe I was looking for. Do you think this would work in foil round cake pans? I am looking to make bread (different types) for edible centerpieces for a series of church dinners. Probably looking at doing 10 loaves at a time, and I don’t have that many skillets! 🙂

  99. Donna LaBorde

    Looks awesome!! People ask me what I do? I bake!! What is my gift? It is my love of baking and seeing other people enjoy it. I love coming across recipes like this! So excited to try. 🙂

  100. Jacob

    Hi Bettie!

    I made this bread tonight – so simple – and it’s beautiful and crusty and chewy. But a little bland. The salt and rosemary on the top helps, but do you (or anyone else) have any suggestions for things to add to the dough that will make it tastier? Perhaps more salt? Honey? Oil? I don’t know because I don’t bake bread (except tonight). Thank you!

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  102. Dave S

    I have a couple of questions. I know I have seen one or two blogs in which it was stated that sugar is not needed for yeast, most of the information I’ve found mentions that sugar should be added because sugar is what helps the yeast multiply and helps with the rising. I noticed there wasn’t sugar in the recipe. Have you tried using any sugar to see if it produces a different result?

    Also, do you think bread flour would produce a better result than plain all-purpose flour?

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  104. Kathy

    I saw your recipe yesterday and just knew I had to try it. I made it in a 10 in. skillet. It came out delicious. I did add 3 T of sugar . I like just a tad of sweetness. My breads texture was a little more holey then yours. That is why I asked if you sifted and also if you used the spoon into the cup method for the flour. I have made the no knead artisan bread before with the 12 hr rise. The only difference I can see is that this recipe is a tad bit softer inside and out. This recipe is so much faster and easier.

    Thanks for the recipe

  105. Shelby

    I love this recipe! I’ve made it twice now and it’s been gone within a few hours each time. The texture along with the rosemary really reminds me of focaccia. I baked it with a little bit of steam at the beginning for that nice glossy crust. It’s fantastic with a hearty stew such as coq au vin or just dipped in olive oil or spread with butter.

  106. Cindy Sandberg

    Just so needed to hear this today. I convince myself that at 57 I am too old, but your words are inspiring ! Thanks !

  107. Chelisa

    I want to make this for a dinner we’re going to on Friday night but I work all day Friday and won’t have time to make it before we go. Can I make it the night before? Is there a way for me to do steps 1-3 the night before, then finish steps 4-8 the next afternoon? Or is that too long for the dough to be sitting out? Would I leave it in the fridge overnight? I’ve never made bread before so I know nothing about how yeast works or if it’s a delicate and time-sensitive recipe.
    I’d really appreciate the help/tips! 🙂

  108. Genesis

    This was a huge hit with my family!! The first loaf didn’t last a day!! Very simply and easy. My 8 year old made it the very next day. Thank you so much!!

  109. Trish

    Thanks for the recipe. This bread was easy to make, came away from the pan easily, has good texture and taste.

    I added in herbs to the dough and made a few little changes to the flour because that’s what I had on hand. I used 1/2 cup white all purpose, 1/2 cup whole wheat pastry flour and the rest hard whole wheat flour.

    I took a photo of it and copied the recipe link and sent both to my brother. He’s going to make it today.

  110. Anissa Kinnie

    I, too, have had that moment. I’m sure you’ve heard this many times, but I applaud your bravery, it is in short supply in this world. And I’ve learned you are never to old to learn new tricks! I never post comments but I actually read your post and not just the recipe and I felt compelled to respond. Thank you. There are not enough women of power in this world and I appreciate and respect that you are.

  111. A Rdz

    Hey stumbled upon your blog as I was looking for a no-knead bread. I was just thinking today that I got all excited writing in my blog about my attempts at cooking and baking while doing postgraduate studies, when at the same time my peers and friends are writing about legal issues and current events, and climbing the ladders in their careers. Then I realized, and similar to what you wrote – what matters is what makes us happy, and not what people expect from us 🙂

  112. Holly

    Great post. Refreshing honesty. Have you tried baking with GF flour(s)? I would love to try this recipe with buckwheat. Any suggestions?! Thanks!

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  114. Annie

    Making this bread and feeding it to people just made me so happy. Baking therapy is totally a thing. Three of us ate 1/2 the loaf in about 20 minutes, and I’m not even ashamed. It’s so fluffy, light, and flavorful. I added onions to the dough before rising, and that added even more complexity to the flavor!

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  116. Diane

    Hi, this looks amazing, but i do not have a cast iron skillet, and not sure if i can get one in Sri Lanka, would it work with a round not stick cake tin ???

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