Fudgy Brownies with White Chocolate Mint Mousse

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My ultimate fudgy brownies with white chocolate mint mousse are the definition of decadence. Fresh mint elevates the mint chocolate combo to a new level!  I’m baaaaaaack! Whew, what a whirled few weeks! Just to catch you up to speed in case you didn’t know, my husband and I just moved from Philadelphia back to the Midwest, to Chicago! This move was for multiple reasons, mostly for my husband’s job, but we have been wanting to be closer to family and Chicago is definitely a lot closer to Kansas than Philadelphia is! I mentioned a few weeks ago that I …


The Fudgiest Brownies in All the Land

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This recipe seriously makes the absolute fudgiest brownies you will ever eat! The recipe only calls for 6 ingredients and is incredibly simple to make! The brownies border on the texture of a chocolate truffle and are incredibly rich and decadent. You’ll never need another brownie recipe!  I’ve been trying to figure out what to name these brownies for a few days now. I have other brownie recipes on this site, but I NEED to convey to you through words just how mind-blowing these are . That is if you like intensely rich and fudgy brownies. And when I say fudgy, I …


Cheesecake Cookie Dough Bars

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Cheesecake cookie dough bars are exactly as wonderful as they sound. While the bars are in fact baked, the cookie dough layer stays perfectly fudgy while the cheesecake layer is velvety smooth. These little gems were a baking happy accident. I had no intentions whatsever of making what these turned out to be. In fact, I had every intention in the world of baking thick and fudgy brownies with a cheesecake layer in the middle with another layer of brownie swirl on top. I had plans. I was going to get up early on Saturday morning and have those babies …


S’mores Brownie Pie

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S’mores brownie pie is a brownie and graham cracker layer on bottom and a toasted marshmallow topping.   I can’t hear the mention of s’mores without immediately thinking of The Sandlot and this scene. So nostalgic. I can’t tell you how many times I watched that movie as a kid. Sometimes more than once in a day. And even though we didn’t have s’mores often as children, for some reason they just feel nostalgic too. Toasted marshmallow tastes like childhood to me. I was asked recently what my favorite kitchen tool is. That is a difficult question. My initial reaction is …


Ultimate Fudge Brownies with Toasted Pecans

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These are my definition of ultimate fudge brownies. They are packed with bittersweet chocolate, brown butter, toasted pecans, and sea salt. Intensely chocolatey, fudgy, and an incredible contrast of flavor and texture from the pecans and salt. I feel like I need to have a disclaimer on this recipe. A disclaimer saying: I understand it sounds insane to put an entire pound of butter, 2 pounds of dark chocolate, 2 1/2 cups of sugar, and a pound of pecans into one bowl and then into your oven. I know. But this makes a lot of brownies. Like, a whole lot. …

Classic Fudgy Brownies, Only 5 Ingredients

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Get this easy brownie recipe with cocoa powder and only using 5 ingredients! Make homemade fresh and fudgy brownies in just 30 minutes! I am in a sort of difficult transition at the moment. I have moved enough times to know this would probably happen. The feeling that your new home doesn’t quite feel like home yet and knowing that your old home doesn’t exist anymore. The feeling will absolutely subside. I have no doubt about that. It just takes getting to know a few people and the area more. But for now, I have to use my husband as …


Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Brownie Bites (wheat free, vegan)

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These wheat free vegan brownies are made from only a few simple ingredients including rolled oats, peanut butter, cocoa powder, and non-dairy yogurt. There are no “weird” or specialty ingredients in these and they come together in a snap! This recipe is perfect for a group with a  mix of people with and without dietary restrictions.  I have this pattern in my life involving my hair. I have done it over and over again, I can’t even remember how many times. I see someone with really awesome bangs that look fantastic on them and then I decide, “Hey! I want bangs!” So I …


Granola Blondies

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I was standing in my kitchen with a spoon full of cookie dough and a mouth full of cookie dough. I was having a battle with myself. To bake or not to bake? That is the question. I had been dreaming up these vegan blondies filled with granola all day long and now it was coming to fruition. But before I could put the dough in the pan and bake it I had to do what any normal person would do. Eat a big hunk of it first. And oh my god. I don’t even know how to express to …