Moist Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Swiss Meringue Buttercream

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Learn how to make this moist chocolate cake with swiss meringue buttercream! This cake tastes like it came from a bakery yet it is so easy to achieve at home. I walk you through step-by-step and even break down the baking science a bit to understand what makes this cake so moist!  Happy Monday friends! I hope your weekend went well. I LOVE the weekend because I get two whole days at home spending time with Mr. BB and doing the “work” that I really want to be doing! But then Monday arrives WAY too early. But on this Monday there is CAKE!!!! I …


Angel Food Cake with Blueberry Ginger Sauce

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Learn how to make angel food cake with this simple step-by-step tutorial & recipe with blueberry ginger sauce. You can even make it without cream of tartar! Angel food cake is simply put together by making a simple sweetened foam (aka meringue) and then folding flour into it.  Angel food cake is by far one of my favorite cakes if it is made well. A well made angel food cake is the most light and tender cake around, and bonus, it is naturally really low in fat! If you aren’t familiar with the makeup of angel food cake, it by definition …


Chocolate Ganache 101

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Learn how to make ganache for truffles, cake frostings, glazes, fillings and many other uses. Made from only cream and chocolate, ganache can be used for so many things! You see that picture up ^ there. That! That is what we like to call “food porn.” Sexy right? But that right there is also what we call the beautiful simplicity and perfection of chocolate ganache! Ganache is one of those few things in the pastry world that I love because of it’s simplicity and versatility. If you have never made ganache before you might not even realize how darn easy …