These are some of my favorite easy valentine’s day desserts! I love baking something special for the ones I love and when it looks impressive for little effort, all the better!

Tray of fortune cookies. One of the cookies is broken open and there is a fortune coming out of it that says "I love you"

Every year around Valentine’s day I have a really difficult time thinking of what to do for my husband. I bake for a living, so baking him a treat doesn’t seem that special to me. But it truly is. He loves it every time I do it. 

Homemade gifts that are from the heart are really the best! Below are 12 of my favorite easy Valentine’s day desserts! The best thing about all of these is that they look really impressive, but are all quite simple to make. 

My favorite idea is the homemade fortune cookies! How fun would it be to have your partner open them up with custom fortunes in the middle? You could even incorporate some inside jokes or some of your favorite memories! 

12 Easy Valentine's Day Desserts