Chocolate French Silk Pie

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This is THE Pumpkin Pie
Puff Pastry Donuts with Cinnamon Sugar and Bourbon Glaze

Rich and decadent chocolate french silk pie recipe. This pie filling requires no baking and is a rich silky chocolate filling with whipped cream topping and chocolate shavings. 

Chocolate French Silk Pie- Baker Bettie

I fully admit that I have avoidance issues when it comes to pie. I rarely make them. And it has nothing to do with disliking pie. Pie is probably one of my favorite desserts. But I don’t particularly like making them.

I have realized that the only reason I don’t like making them is because I’m not confident in my crust technique. Why is it so hard to make the edges look pretty?!

Making desserts that look pretty is definitely not my strong point. I fully admit that. I am much better at making desserts that taste awesome.

But with the holidays coming up I am determined to end my avoidance of pie and start getting confident with it. Avoiding things is never the answer.

And maybe after I tackle pies I’ll start in on cakes. The thought of that just gave me a whole lot of anxiety… It’s okay. We’re still on pie. One intimidating decorative dessert at a time here.

Let’s talk eggs for a moment. More specifically, raw eggs. I feel it is my duty as a recipe blogger to give the raw egg disclaimer on this recipe since it does call for raw eggs. If you are going to make this pie I want you to listen to me closely.

Use fresh eggs for this. Eggs that are at least grade A or preferably grade AA, or even better yet you could use pasteurized shell eggs if you are overly concerned about getting sick!

Don’t use grade B or eggs that you forgot to put away and left out on the counter for a couple of hours.  The chances of you getting sick from eating a little raw egg are pretty rare. But let’s just keep those chances to the absolute minimum by using eggs that haven’t had time to grow a whole lot of bacteria.

 I fully admit that I eat raw egg all the time. I actually eat raw egg from unpasteurized eggs all the time. A lot of batter gets into my tummy before it goes into the oven and I barely cook my runny eggs in the morning. But I fully understand if you are not okay with the small risk raw eggs bring.

Chocolate French Silk Pie- Baker Bettie

And if you are pregnant, or have a weak immune system, or are feeding small children you should be more cautious. Either pass this recipe by, or you can also buy pasteurized in the shell eggs in the grocery store.

Now there are recipes out there calling themselves French Silk Pie that do not use raw eggs. However, I have to say that these pies aren’t really true to what French Silk Pie really is.

French Silk Pie is actually an american creation. Unlike a cooked custard cream pie, it is incredibly dense and “silky.” The eggs bring a lot of richness to the pie and this is one of those desserts that I can really only have a few bites of because of how rich it is. My husband, on the other hand, can eat a huge piece for breakfast and feel great.

I hope everyone is looking forward to the holidays with as little stress as possible. This is a great dessert to make the day or even two days before! It holds up well under refrigeration and you can add the whipped cream on just before serving to keep a fresher taste and look.

And cut small pieces for your family to make sure there is some left over for breakfast the next day. Leftover pie for breakfast is one of the best things about the holidays.

Chocolate French Silk Pie- Baker Bettie

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* Consuming raw or undercooked eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have a medical condition.

Yields 1-

Chocolate French Silk Pie

4 hrPrep Time

25 minCook Time

4 hr, 25 Total Time

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for the crust
1 & 1/2 cups flour
1/2 cup shortening
pinch of salt
ice water
for the filling
2 sticks (1 cup) unsalted butter, room temperature
1 & 1/2 cups granulated sugar
4 ounces unsweetened chocolate, melted and cooled slightly (I used ghiradelli 100% chocolate)
2 tsp vanilla extract
2 TBSP cocoa powder (optional, but intensifies the chocolate flavor and color)
1/4 tsp instant espresso powder (optional, but intensifies the chocolate flavor)
4 large eggs
whipped cream for topping
chocolate shavings or curls


    for the crust
  1. Preheat oven to 400ºF.
  2. Cut shortening into the flour and salt with a pastry cutter to the consistency of coarse meal.
  3. Add ice water 1 TBSP at a time while stirring gently until the dough starts to form into a ball.
  4. Gently roll out the crust and place it in a pie plate. Crimp edges as desired. Dock the dough by piercing with a fork several times around the bottom and sides.
  5. Lay parchment paper into the crust and fill with dried beans, rice, or pie weights.
  6. Bake in the bottom third of the oven for 15 minutes. Remove the pie weights and place back in the oven for 10 more minutes, or until the crust is golden brown.
  7. Allow to cool completely on a wire rack before filling.
  8. for the filling
  9. In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, beat together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
  10. With the mixer still running, pour the cooled melted chocolate into the butter/sugar mixture. Add the vanilla, cocoa powder, and espresso powder if using. Scrape down the bowl.
  11. Add eggs one at a time, beating for 5 full minutes in between each addition
  12. (20 minutes total) at a medium-high speed. The full mixing time of 5 minutes for EACH egg is necessary to get the silky texture and for the pie to set.
  13. Pour the filling into the cooled crust and allow to set in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours and up to 2 days before serving.
  14. Top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings or curls.
Recipe Type: Pie



This is THE Pumpkin Pie
Puff Pastry Donuts with Cinnamon Sugar and Bourbon Glaze

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Comments 78

  1. Kayle (The Cooking Actress)

    KRISTIN!!! THIS PIE IS GORRRRRGEOUS!!! And I could totally eat a whole piece, I loooove French Silk Pie!!!

    and I’m with you—I have a difficult time making food pretty, yummy I can do, pretty is harder. You totally did it here though, made this pie super beautious! Love it want it!

  2. Rachel

    Ooh, I LOVE French Silk Pie! This looks SO delicious!

    I hear ya on attractive desserts…About the only things I can make look good are cupcakes. Regular-sized cakes are out of the question! 🙂

    1. Post
    1. Post
      Baker Bettie

      I’m so sorry you had problems with this recipe. Did you beat it for the full time indicated? It takes 20 full minutes of beating to get the right texture otherwise it will not have the right consistency and will not set. The mixture will be quite thick after beating. Almost thick enough to slice right then.

      1. Alison Mohr

        I have made this pie numerous times and one time it didn’t set up. It seems that 5 minutes after each egg was too long and my mixer was actually heating up and making it warm. The next time I did 4 minutes after each egg and it was perfect again.

      2. Brian

        Same problem here. I made the pie, followed all the directions. It sat in the freezer for 4 hours and still had the consistency of melted ice cream.

  3. Sherilyn Sandford Phillips

    I made this pie…and I almost wish I hadn't! It was sooooo good that I want to make it over and over. I was kinda shocked at how the beating of the eggs made it "set." Who knew that was the secret. 🙂 If someone's didn't set then they clearly didn't follow the instructions. Yummy. Thanks for sharing.

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  5. Dan Danecker

    Thank you for the recipe my pie was absolutely awesome. I also added a tablespoon of brandy and used a butter based crust recipe from Joy of Cooking. Other than having to borrow my neighbors stand mixer this recipe is perfect.

      1. Post
        Baker Bettie

        Hi Erin,

        Egg beaters will likely not work. I haven’t tried it, but I do not believe they will whip to the volume needed to set the pie. However, you can find pasteurized whole shell eggs that you can use.

    1. Lisa cox

      I’m not sure, I don’t use them. I use “safest choice” pasteurized eggs, found locally at a grocery store called “Price Chopper” and according to their website at Walmarts through out the nation.

    2. Post
      Baker Bettie

      I really don’t think that will work Linda. I can’t say for certain because I haven’t tried it, but egg beaters do not whip up the way eggs do. You need to air to whip into the eggs for this to set. Like Lisa said, pasteurized whole eggs would be fine.

    3. Hollie S

      There really is no substitute for fresh, lovely eggs; however, because my mother-in-law was immuno-compromised, I did not like to use raw eggs in the final product of my desserts. For my silk pie, I simply changed up the method a little and used an electric hand mixer to blend 1 cup of the sugar and all of the eggs together (and liqueur, if you’re using any), then placed the bowl over simmering water (where the water doesn’t touch the bottom of the bowl, or use a double-boiler) and mixed for 8 to 10 minutes until the sugar dissolved, the mixture was hot and the volume increased significantly; at that point the eggs are beyond foamy, looking almost like a meringue. Essentially, I was making a zabaglione (sabayon). I set it aside to cool and, when it was, I beat the butter with the rest of the sugar, added the chocolate and then added the egg mixture, last. It lent an even more silky texture to the final product and I could feel more peace of mind serving it to my beautiful mother-in-law.

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  8. Odelle Smith

    Your ‘Chocolate French Silk Pie’ most certainly looks ‘Pretty & Beautiful’ to me!
    You have perfected the pie crust, it all looks amazing, luxurious & decadent to me…
    Picture perfect..I too could quite easily eat a huge slice of this glorious, rich chocolate, silky pie no problem…
    Could eat some now for breakfast at 8.30 am. G.M.T. that’s how delicious it looks, if only I had some made!
    Loving your recipes, posts & detailed explanations, looking forward to many more to come, looking forward to making this…
    Makes a great change to serve to guests over the holidays, I’m sure that they will love it as much as I will.
    Many, many thanks from us here in the U.K.

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  13. Michelle

    My filling went flat and yes, I did beat it the full 5 minutes between eggs. Half way through when I added the 3rd egg it died. Didn’t work for me. Disappointed as this was for a party tomorrow and I don’t have more ingredients.

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    1. Post
  15. Ginny

    I have always made this pie with a chocolate wafer crumb crust( 1-1/2 cup crumbs, 1Tbsp of sugar, 4 oz melted butter). It makes the pie even more decadent . You can add some plain gelatin (1 package softened with water and then cooked to clear on the stove and cooled) to the whipped cream and it will hold up for days, if the pie lasts that long.

    1. Post
      Baker Bettie

      Hi Ginny,

      That is also how my mother in law makes it! My husband also loves it that way. I personally prefer a less sweet crust for some contrast. Use the crust recipe you love and make it your own!

    1. Post
      Baker Bettie

      Hi Rebecca,

      It really depends on a number of things such as the humidity that day and where you live to how accurately you measured to flour. The recipe states to add ice water 1 TBSP at a time and stir gently until the crust comes together. This typically takes anywhere from 1/4 cup- 1/2 cup.

  16. Sheila

    Been making this since for 50 years and it is now my 6 Grandson’s favorite dessert…which I only make for holidays. Yes, use very fresh raw eggs; butter and real whipping cream! For those who use only low or non-fat products, don’t bother making this; substitutes will not work!

    1. Post
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  18. Lee

    The person that wrote the part about the freshness of the eggs don’t know what they are talking about. The B, A, and AA only refers to the size of the eggs not the freshness. AA=Extra Large. A=Large. and B=Medium. The carton has the date on it.
    Here in central Kansas to get fresh eggs we have to buy them from a farmer.
    To check the eggs for freshness put them in a bowl of water. If they float they are fresh. As the air leaks out of them and they get older they will sink.
    I’m 79 years old and have never gotten sick from raw or partly cooked eggs.

    1. Post
      Baker Bettie

      Hi Lee,

      Thanks for the comment. I do have to disagree with you however. Grading has nothing to do with the size of the egg. The way eggs are graded is by measuring the intereior and exterior quality of the egg. The density of the white and the air pockets in the egg are measured, as well as an inspection of the exterior shell. As eggs age the air cell grows and the whites loose density. So as eggs age their grade level changes based on the density of the whites and the air cell size inside. Therefore, fresher eggs have higher grades and older eggs have a lower grade. The size is not taken into account when grading. You can read more about egg grading here:

    2. Janice Sensing

      Here’s a thought…. Instead of being rude, you could try saying, “I disagree…” or “I believe you are mistaken”.

  19. Melissa

    Sooo I doubt you’ll read and reply to this as I’m doing it, but thought I’d ask anyhow. I added the eggs beating after each addition. However, I didn’t see the part about 5 minutes in between each…so I’m letting it beat for 20 minutes now. Do you think it will set up or should I go to a back up recipe? Thanks

    1. Post
    1. Post
      Baker Bettie

      Hi Michelle,

      No, the mixture should not be very grainy. You might notice it a tiny bit after its done mixing, but it should be pretty smooth and silky. Did you mix for the full 20 minutes at medium-high speed?

  20. Barb Lochmondy

    This our freezes very, very well. I always make my Thanksgiving pies in Oct. I put two in the freezer in Oct a few years ago and forgot about one. (I know, HOW could I forget this awesome pie?) I pulled it out in August, and it was still as yummy as ever. I freeze these in large plastic zipper bags.

  21. McKenzie

    I made this yesterday. I did use a different crust. It’s very similar to the recipe above but with butter instead. This turned out amazing!! So rich and so delicious. I used everything except the espresso powder as I didn’t have any and used the recommended Ghirardelli. Soooo good with homemade whipped creme. Mmmm. Definitely try it. I have no problem with mine falling when adding my eggs.

  22. Lynn

    Ahhh at our house we call a slice of apple pie and scrambled eggs “the breakfast of champions”. The best!

    Am going to try your recipe for this lovely pie for my birthday, INSTEAD of cake!

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  25. Jordan Tickle

    EXCELLENT recipe! I pinned this over a year ago and finally made it tonight when we had friends over and it was most definitely a hit. I’ll be cutting smaller pieces next time because it’s so rich – but we loved it! I’m amazed that beating the eggs that long stabilizes them and sets up that firm. Thanks for the recipe!

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  27. McKenzie

    This pie is AMAZING! HUGE hit. It seriously was soooo good. I get it requested all the time. I used a different crust though. It’s a pretty similar recipe only it uses butter instead of shortening.

  28. Zane

    Hello! For really long time I want to make this amazing cake, but I have one question-after its chill in the refrigerator for 4 hours, cake may be kept at room temperature?

    1. Post
      Baker Bettie

      Hi Zane! No, you do not want to store this pie at room temperature. You need to keep it cold for several reasons. It will not stay firm at room temperature and also the pie contains raw eggs so you definitely want to keep it chilled so that it stays safe to eat.

  29. Marla Lackey

    My Mom started making this pie in the 1970’s and I’ve been making it for years. It’s the absolute best French Silk pie I’ve ever tasted, and believe me, I’ve tasted a lot of them…LOL


    This is the French Silk pie my mother always made,The best chocolate pie I’ve ever eaten. We call it “Fudge on a Fork”. I’m making one today to bring to the office tomorrow for a birthday celebration.

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    1. Post
      Baker Bettie

      Hi Anne,

      This pie is traditionally made with raw eggs. The whipping of the eggs causes the pie to set. There is commentary in the post regarding the safety of consuming raw eggs. Make sure you use fresh eggs, or if you are concerned, look for “pasteurized” eggs which eliminates the risk of getting sick.

  33. Tanya

    I just finished making this pie & the only ingredient I left out was the instant espresso. I’m curious to know if the bitterness of the unsweetened chocolate tames a bit after resting several hours? I wanted to make 2 of these for Thanksgiving but am a lil afraid that the filling will be too bitter. Any idea on how to sweetened it just a little bit? I am no good at tweaking recipies.

    1. Post
      Baker Bettie

      You can definitely add more sugar into the pie, but I have never heard a review that it was too bitter! Especially with the sweetness of the whipped cream on top! It is a very sweet, very rich pie!

  34. Tiffany

    I made this pie the first time just as the recipe says and it turned out really good and then I made a second pie but was out of vanilla extract so I used peppermint extract instead and was a little wary about how it would taste…. Well my worries were for nothing because this tasted awesome with the mint in it, kind of like a peppermint paddy pie. So good. Thanks for the awesome recipe and if you like minty chocolate give the peppermint extract a try and you won’t be disappointed. Also I on used 1 teaspoon on peppermint.

    1. Post

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